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Yoga for whiplash for The Libyan government was charged with and ultimately accepted some responsibility for the bombing. These terrorist attacks led to heightened security measures, which, in turn, led to new methods by terrorist groups to exploit gaps in the system. Al-Qaeda, which became active in the early s, as well as its affiliates, continuously attempted to exploit these gaps in aviation security but were largely thwarted in their attempts, despite the innovative tactics and weaponry used in each operation. The most notable forerunner of catastrophic airliner bombings was the December bombing of Philippine Airlines flight Although the explosion was small, killing one person, it turned out to be a test run for a planned terrorist attack by Ramzi Yousef, called Operation Bojinka, to blow up airliners and kill their approximately passengers as they flew from Asia to the United States. Yousef’s uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, later used this blueprint of using multiple airliners in a single operation to plan an attack in which the terrorists goal was not merely to hijack aircraft but to use them as suicide bombs to cause mass destruction on the ground. The Bojinka plot was later reenacted by al-Qaeda in August though the plot was foiled by British authorities, who arrested the operatives before the plot could be fully implemented. Yoga for whiplash photos, Yoga for whiplash 2016.


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