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Yoga for weight loss on Contributors to the new developments in yoga that are called Grounded, Humanistic or Intelligent tend to begin their thinking about the place of yoga in a life of flourishing metaphorically as well as practically on the mat, or within the space where yoga practice takes place. Then, unlike adherents of, say, Patanjali yoga, they do not proceed to dis-identify from their relationships, their bodies, their feelings and their thoughts. Rather, they embrace their thoughts, feelings, bodies and relationships as part of themselves, and even expanding their concerns to people they may not know, the society in which they live and the natural environment, for they recognize that each of these influences their lives and contributes to or detracts from their ability to flourish. As I mentioned above, the Humanistic approach to yoga does not regard it as a one-size-fits-all panacea for human suffering but rather as one means of contributing to a life of flourishing. In The Choice of Hercules: Pleasure, Duty and the Good Life in the 21st Century, Anthony Grayling offers his own version of humanistic flourishing. He too recognizes that individuals will create humanistic lives in very different ways; so he does not offer a prescriptive formula for everyone to follow. He also recognizes that a good life is a process rather than a state. Yoga for weight loss 2016.

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