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Once Downing has found ways of detecting clinically relevant micro-practices, he conducts an inquiry on the way the behavior integrates itself into the internal and communicative procedures of the organism. This implies questions on what is experienced by the patient when a practice is activated. Sometimes the patient spontaneously brings forth information, while at other times he is not aware of that behavior, as it was regulated by nonconscious procedures. However, the next time this sensory-schema appears, the therapist can ask the patient what he had experienced at that moment, without even referring to the targeted action. One can also look at a video sample, and ask the patient to associate on what he experiences when he sees himself producing this nonconscious habitual behavior. in yoga poses doing this work, Downing aims especially at the two subsequent goals I formulate in yoga poses the language of this my yoga blog:

1. To influence the way that a particular propensity, or organismic practice, associates the heterogenic mechanisms within the organism

2. To influence the way a schema inserts itself in yoga poses more general dynamics of the organism and interacts with other propensities.

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A focus on micro-practices allows us to extend how we think about working with the body. We can observe how the activation of a micro-practice interacts with muscular tensions, postural alignment, and the coordination of segments; or we can observe how these global regulation systems and practices interact with each other during this action. We also need to take into account the fact that different body systems may have different time frames. For example, the postural dynamics are slow procedures that frame rapidly changing sensorimotor activity (see chapter 13).

We are just at the beginning of learning how to integrate this type of observation into the psychotherapeutic domain. Behavioral work with so-called “social skills training” has of course always touched upon it, but seldom with such detailed descriptions. If one also analyzes how skills insert themselves in yoga poses the dynamics of the organism, far more is possible however. The aim remains to find techniques that can help a person to find a wider variety of new modes of activating his body, and of finding more creative ways of interacting with others.

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