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Genetically, a person born a million years ago is almost the same as one born today. It is possible that individuals who are particularly adapted to survival in yoga poses a wild natural environment are less well adapted today, while those that could not survive a million years ago can do so in yoga poses our modern cities. Over a million years, humans were able to acquire a greater variety of survival and reproductive behaviors and create numerous adaptive devices (buildings, medication, etc.). The human individual system is sufficiently flexible and powerful to be able to calibrate itself in yoga poses the function of interactions that it establishes with its immediate environment. However, even when they emerged, the most elementary survival functions have need of this mutual calibration, which constructs itself between the newborn and its family circle. The flexibility of the human organism has important constraints and limitations that guarantee its survival and a minimum of coherence to its development. Within this framework, the genetic mechanisms already produce an enormous amount of variations, as we see when we compare fingerprints. The research on nonverbal communication arrives at the same conclusion for almost all the behavioral micro-regulators it has analyzed. At birth, the mechanisms capable of calibrating themselves are more numerous than those that will be solicited by the geographic and social environment. Thus, the infantile vocalizations are more varied than those that will be solicited by a language. The innate phonetic capacities that are not used by the environment will disappear after a while.35 This explains why so many adults are incapable of acquiring the accent of a new language they are learning. in yoga poses other words, in yoga poses growing up, the organism gets rid of some unemployed innate capacities to be able to focus its resources on what it needs to develop for survival. This stance is different from the Idealistic position, like that of Reich, which assumes that is poorly developed function is a manifestation of a repressed capacity.

In his studies, Tronick tends to focus on the way these choices operate at the core of a mother-child dyad, by distinguishing two factors:

1. The repertoire. The repertoire allows us to enumerate which practices are solicited and which are neglected. Here, the criterion is the duration and the frequency of the use of the items in yoga poses a repertoire.

2. The virtuosity. This consists of describing what type of calibration of the action is made possible in yoga poses a dyadic relationship. Here, the criterion is the quality of a practice, or the virtuosity with which a child becomes capable of mastering a set of practices. A child who has been lovingly caressed and has been able to also caress with pleasure has a greater chance of being able to exchange caresses in yoga poses a mutually pleasurable fashion as an adult.36

For Tronick, this cycle is one of the bases of the creativity of the dynamics of development. A milieu that is too considerate, that almost totally reduces the moments of inadequate coordination can support synergetic strategies, but it could impede the child’s ability to learn to recognize dysfunctions and acquire the art of repairing them.37

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