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The Body without Sound

When a researcher shows his films without any sound to a group of people who do not know his research, each one proposes personal observations that could explain the meaning attributed to gestures. Each individual notices immediately that the others are making different associations. As soon as the researcher turns on the sound, the meaning of the words varied much less from one person to another. When the researcher reveals the setting in yoga poses which the film was shot, these individuals immediately distinguish a series of details that hitherto had meant nothing to them and now give a meaning that allows them to support their representation of the situation. Often, the researcher must then explain why this new series of associations are frequently false, even if all the members of the group had spontaneously agreed with each other.

This typical observation teaches us many things. I isolate three of them for the moment.

Only a Few Highly Standardized Gestures Are Understood by Several Persons the Same Way

Research indicates that the body signals to which it is possible to assign a robust meaning are rare.39 Perhaps less than 1 percent of the gestures observed in yoga poses a film during a spontaneous interaction can be included in yoga poses that category. But they are the gestures that are retained in yoga poses the conscious thoughts of the observer.

Speech Often Helps One Understand What Is Happening at the Level of Behavior or at Least Makes it Possible to Think that a Motor Behavior Has a Precise Meaning

Video analysis allows us to observe how a mother acts differently when she makes a mechanical gesture with the baby without talking to him compared to when she accompanies her gestures with appropriate words. If she puts a spoon in yoga poses his mouth while watching television, the gestures are often awkward; the coordination between the movements of the baby and the movements of the mother is poor. If she takes the trouble to speak to him, by describing to him what she is about to do while feeding him (e.g., by saying something like here is something to eat❠or I am bringing the spoon to your mouthâ), she becomes more attentive. By speaking with the baby, something in yoga poses her is better coordinated. As a conscious thought may be used more or less in yoga poses a central way by a propensity, a gesture may be related in yoga poses a more or less intense manner with consciousness. By addressing herself to her child, the mother’s behavior acquires a better coordination with the infant’s responses.

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