Yoga for Walkers

When we’re going for a walk we want to make sure of course that our hips are limber and our legs are limber. But we also want to remember about the upper part of the body the right shoulder is connected to the left hip. And the left shoulder is connected to the right hip through our fascia or connective tissue and. So It’s a really good idea to stretch the upper body and a really lovely way to get into that area is by hanging with our elbows off the edge of a chair. So we take the chair make the elbows rest on the far edge of the seat.

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And then we just put our hands together and allow the chest to come through let’s take five or three long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths and with every breath cycle you’ll start to sense that there’s all kinds of release that’s going on through the serratus anterior through the intercostal muscles getting deeper breaths and all of the muscles that connect the arms to the torso let yourself rest here. And just allow gravity to do all of the work then when you come back you’ll feel that there’s all kinds of openness happening in the front of the body all kinds of openness around the shoulders shelf. And the way that you’re walking your gait will improve, if you can coordinate the movements of the upper body as well.

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