Yoga for Vision

There are so many wonderful I exercises that yoga has given us. And you know we were squeezing our eyes we could be rolling the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise we could be using our imagination to breathe through the eyes as, if they were lungs and these are all wonderful practices one of the most ancient practices in yogic text is tre taka which is this idea of using a candle to stare into and by keeping our focus and our gaze on the candle our eyes will begin to water after a certain period of time and that idea of the eyes watering it’s about purifying the eyes and purifying our eyesight purifying our vision not just what we see.

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But how we interpret and contextualize what we see here’s how it works take a candle. And we begin to just have this sensation that we’re not looking with the eyes themselves we’re looking with the visual cortex at the back of the head this is part of the brain that is processing all of our visual information we use a very soft gaze and watch the flame flickering we try not to blink. And then after a couple of moments we begin to sense that the eyes are starting to feel more moist you may actually sense that there are tears forming and coming down out of your tear ducts across your cheeks this is a wonderful practice to take at least once a day for your best eyesight and vision I’m Debra divine for healingyoga.

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