Yoga for Varicose Veins

When we’re dealing with varicose veins were dealing with blood and limp that is been stuck in the lower extremities for a long time so an effective way to move that old energy out is to engage in a very simple lymphatic drainage massage which is a special technique we can do this lying on our back. And we take one leg up into the air. So we begin by just palpating the area right down by the bottom of the leg or actually the top of the leg down by the groin and these very gentle palpating movements are going to end up down near the ankle or up near the ankle.

Yoga for Varicose Veins Photo Gallery

And then when we get to the ankle we’re just going to very lightly brush the legs. And this action is moving lymph and moving old blood out of the lower extremities. So this is not a very harsh type of massage it’s very gentle it’s the equivalent of pushing a coin across the table. And it has the effect of moving old energy and old fluid out of the feet out of the shins out of the calves out of the backs of the legs. And this is a really refreshing practice you can take just five minutes a day and really notice a difference with how your legs are managing I’m Debra Devine for healing yoga you.

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