Yoga for Vaginal Health

When we’re using our yoga practice for vaginal health it’s important to remember that all of the organs above the vagina are affected by gravity and, if the uterus is tilted over it may come down towards the vaginal canal and get shifted out of place. So It’s important for us to take time to actively manage how the organs are doing down in the lower belly some of us may have had our ovaries removed or have had our uterus removed and in that case we’ve still got to get in there and cultivate lots of awareness. And we can use our hands and our breath to bring fresh prana and fresh vitality into the pelvic Bowl.

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So we lie down with a support underneath the head. And the neck drawing the shoulder blades down the back and letting the knees be supported that’ll take the low back into a more comfortable place we ground and feel supported by the earth then we take the fingers and bring the fingertips together and lay the finger tips at the top of the pubic bone now on the next exhalation we’re gonna draw the fingers very lightly up toward the navel just above the navel then we’ll move over to the right the same idea pressing down with the fingertips and very gently massaging all of the organs up around the navel area left-hand side again pressing down. And then just firmly.

But gently moving everything underneath the fingers up. And then going from the left hand side over to the right several times and repeating on the right hand side over towards the navel as well this kind of a practice is an excellent thing to do before you go to bed every night you’re working with vaginal health I’ve never divine for yoga namaste.

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