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Yoga for upper body for These factors in turn result in habitat destruction and fragmentation, pollution, climate change, and the introduction of exotic organisms, all of which directly cause a decline in the population size of some species. However, although these direct factors are often responsible for population decline, extinction is normally the result of the unavoidable negative consequences of small population size such as inbreeding depression, demographic variability, and the increased importance of chance events. The concept of biodiversity was one of the many responses to the increasing realization that the world was experiencing an extinction crisis the rate of contemporary extinction far surpassing the natural rate of extinction as seen in the fossil record. This was a global crisis requiring a global solution that could address all of the causes of extinction and population decline. Biodiversity served as an excellent unifying concept that linked existing themes such as the extinction crisis with emerging issues such as sustainable resource management and the ownership of genetic information. All of these issues were addressed in the landmark Convention on Biological Diversity, negotiated during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in Historical Background The catastrophic effects of human actions on the natural world may have deep roots. Yoga for upper body photos, Yoga for upper body 2016.

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