Yoga for Upper Body

One of the best ways to keep our upper body posture on track is to use prayer pose. But lift the wrists off of the ground. So we come on to table pose knees and hands. And then we begin to walk the hands forward. But we let one arm go all the way out.

Yoga for Upper Body Photo Gallery

And then we begin to feel all of this wonderful opening through the serratus through the armpit a lot of releasing happening and then, if we can begin to roll the neck back and forth that can really open up some space that has been constricted for a long time then after you work on one arm at a time both arms can come out spreading the fingers nice and wide. And then lifting the wrists keeping the finger pads engaged on the mat. And then again moving the head from left to right and right to left the idea is that we are broadening through the collar bones and externally rotating the upper arms we’re taking the shoulder blades and we’re taking them off of the ribs and moving them down creating more space long slow smooth and complete in and out brats can be so helpful for your upper back posture and get their divine for you.

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