Yoga For Upper Back Pain And Neck Pain Telling Your Story, Creating Your Future

Human beings have engaged in the arts since the beginning of time, creating everything from cave drawings to sculpture, and engaging in singing and dancing. Each of these art forms provides a way to tell stories about things like love, the harvest, hunting, wars, and more. When we examine the art forms of ancient people, we see and feel their worlds come back to life through their dances, poems, and paintings. Art becomes a window into a person’s life, a window that might otherwise remain closed. One of the key benefits of therapeutic creativity is it allows you to open these “windows” to tell your stories, and then create new stories, in a way that spoken words alone cannot.

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I have seen it happen so many times. At first, the creative activity helps a person express what he has difficulty saying. Working with colors and shapes, music, movement, or other creative medium helps him tap into buried feelings and memories and, in so doing, makes him more aware of his own story. Then, as he begins to feel better and his “pain brain” heals a bit, he begins to use art to illustrate his desires and create his future in ways words often cannot express. For example, some patients want to repair broken relationships, so they focus on creating images or songs about a loving family, or they engage in dance movements that emphasize connection. And often, they find that their family relations begin to improve.

Therapeutic creativity helps you “find” and express your story, then begin telling a new story, the story of a new you, which you hope will become reality over time. Therapeutic creativity helps you transform your “pain brain” and forge an entry into the kind of world you want to inhabit.

The story many patients tell through their art begins with sadness about their present and their past, then evolves into one with a bright future. The focus of the story rapidly shifts from “Why do I hurt?” to “I am going to have a great life!”

Get Creative!

There are many ways to tap into creativity, and any creative activity that works for you is just right as long as it is structured to help you access and express your feelings. Just handing someone a bunch of crayons and saying “have fun” doesn’t do the trick. But as long as the creative activity helps you capture, express, and recreate your story, any form of art or movement will do. The creative therapies I have found most helpful involve dance, music, art, and crocheting/knitting/quilting. So let’s take a quick look at those.

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