Yoga for Ulcers

When we’re dealing with ulcers and upper abdominal acidity it’s important to allow more space in the ribs it’s important to allow more space in the upper part of the body as well. So we’re going to be coming into a lunge using a chair and a blanket or towel to protect the grounded knee the left foot can come forward and we’re just walking the foot forward until we get the knee right on top of the ankle.

Yoga for Ulcers Photo Gallery

And then we press down with the ankle and engage the whole left leg we go to the back leg engage the back leg engage the back glutes and we’re engaging the whole pelvic girdle now we’re really lifting through the front part of the spine we’re dropping the sit bones and tailbone and opening up space in the heart the right arm the same arm as the back leg it’s going to be coming up high to the sky opening up all of our intercostal muscles the serratus muscles are opening up here too long slow smooth in breath long slow smooth and complete out breath please switch sides. And enjoy this pose it’s a wonderful post to release stress and to also create a lot more room for you to be taking in some oxygen and prana I’m Deborah divine for healing yoga namaste.

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