Yoga for Tip Healthy Skin

Our yoga practice can be a real lifesaver for our skin one of the things I love about doing my breath practices is that it just makes me feel so alive after you’ve oxygenated your whole body everything seems glowy. And you feel so vigorous and vital. And the same goes for your skin a breath practice that is really helpful and cultivating good skin is naadi shodhan ah the alternate nostril breath. So you can imagine the breath is coming down the right nostril. And then inhaling through the right nostril and switching over.

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And then exhaling down the left nostril inhaling up the left nostril and switching over. So you can continue this idea of just reading the breath move down opposite nostrils switching over at the end of the inhalation and as you’re breathing and reading you can also be noticing thoughts that are coming up and seeing how those thoughts are manifesting as tension in the face so something that upset you a little bit earlier today is showing up as your eyebrows coming together forming furrows then you can just be aware of that. And then release your eyebrows away from the center line taking a couple of breaths and moving more awareness into that space between the eyebrows you may be feeling some clenching of the jaws or person of the lips as soon as you become aware of that through your breath practice relax those areas this will definitely help you maintain and cultivate healthiest skin ever no matter what your age I’ve never divided for you. And you it.

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