Yoga for Thyroid

Welcome to a healing yoga webisode for thyroid when we’re dealing with thyroid many times the adrenal glands are also depleted and exhausted so a wonderful practice to take to help that is to come into a modified Child’s Pose I’m raising a bolster to about a thirty degree angle using blocks you can use books at home. And you can use a rolled up blanket instead of a bolster. And then having a bag of rice on standby it doesn’t have to be a heavy bag.

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But just something to give us a little bit of weight on the back. So we can support the knees with padding underneath with towels and blankets. And then we get long on the front of the spine. And then we exhale. And come down and rest on the bolster this way this has an effect of bringing the floor a little bit higher up to the body. So that we’re not pressing down so much with our hips and, if we take the bag of rice. And just place it on the low back that’s a very soothing and grounding effect. And when we’re dealing with thyroid and adrenal issues resting is I’ve dipper design for Sheila yoga you.

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