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Yoga for the hips on g. animal sacrifices are wrong; harmlessness is the way to emancipation; purity of heart, the practice of contemplation and renunciation of the world are the marks of a true brahmana.34 The second variation, which is referred to more frequently, accepts the division between prakrti and purusa but maintains that there is only one purusa. Interestingly, the principal teachers of this doctrine are brahmans who endorse Vedic tradition and refer to Vedic deities in the course of their expositions.35 Also interesting is the fact that none of these one-purusa versions of Samkhya-Yoga developed into a viable school or had much impact on post-epic Hindu philosophy. To my mind, this is because such versions were synthetic compromises that sought to bridge the gap between monistic Vedanta thought and the dualistic pluralism of Samkhya-Yoga. The third variant of Samkhya-Yoga found in the Santi Parvan is broadly Vedantic in character. Yoga for the hips 2016.

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