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Yoga for the feet on 47 For example, in the Kindred Sayings (Samyutta Nikaya) the Buddha says, What is there in seeing this vile body of mine? He who seeth the dharma, Vakkali, he seeth me; he who seeth me Vakkali, he seeth the dharma. Verily, seeing the dharma, Vakkali, one sees me; seeing me one sees the dharma. 48 The dharma is thus the Buddha s transcendental body, his true identity. His physical body (rupa kaya) is simply an expression of the dharma, its skill-in-means as it were. The Mahayanists called the physical body the nirmana kaya (transformation body) so as to convey this understanding. Between the dharma and nirmana kayas the Mahayanists in- serted an enjoyment body (sambhoga kaya). This is a kind of radiant or celestial form that the Buddha uses to reveal himself to the bodhisattvas and preach the doctrines found in the Mahayana Sutras. Yoga for the feet 2016.

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