Yoga for Teeth Gums

Welcome again to another healing yoga webisode this one for teeth and gums one of the ancient practices in the Ayurvedic tradition is oil pulling this idea of taking coconut oil or sesame oil or another type of oil and putting a few tablespoons in your mouth and swishing it around swishing it around the gums swishing it around the teeth around the tongue. And it’s an excellent detoxification practice we usually do it first thing in the morning. And you could be doing it in the shower killing two birds with one stone or you could make it a bit of a more meditative practice.

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And it has excellent benefits we are detoxifying the mouth. And we are pulling toxins out from ourselves in the upper part of the body it also whitens the teeth and makes you feel very fresh just a few tablespoons. And then spitting out the oil and carrying on with your regular oral hygiene program I hope you enjoy this oil pulling practice it’s a little bit difficult at the beginning.

Because it feels so unusual. But keep it up you’ll get used to it. And you will see the benefits over time I’ve never defined for killing you.

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