Yoga for Strong Legs

When we’re cultivating strong legs props can be a wonderful help and for this webisode I am using a block between my calves. And I’m going to take a belt or a tie a bathrobe tie your husband’s old tie will do and we’re going to be tying the rope above the knees so get it nice and tight make a knot or bow. And then see, if you can broaden through the femurs the upper leg bones and cultivate a lot of strength through the pelvic girdle here at the same time that we’re pressing in with the Cavs into the block you can see that the outside edges of my feet are parallel to the outside edges of the mat and there’s this wonderful alignment of the legs here so pressing out and away from the center line with the femurs and pressing in with the block. And just going back and forth between these two it’s a wonderful way to cultivate more strength in all of the tiny little muscles that are connecting the hips to the legs the legs to the knees. And the knees to the calves I’m Deborah divine for healingyoga.

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Yoga for Tech Head

In the healing yoga post for tech head we were talking about the importance of the hyoid bone this is bone that is standing at the top of the throat. And it’s not really connected to any other bones and yet the whole esophagus hangs off of this bone. So It’s very important to think about when we are coming forward using all of our devices all of the muscles and connective tissue around the hyoid bone are starting to contract so an important thing to think about is to come to standing and engage this idea of moving the hyoid up and back. So let’s come to standing we’ll take the feet about hip width apart a nice micro bend in the knees. And then just engage the pelvic girdle feel yourself strong around the hips, if you swallow you’ll feel the hyoid area start to engage and that has an action of pulling everything up and in toward the front of the spine. So you can feel the belly is moving in and up the heart the lungs the ribs everything is opening up and out the back of the neck is lengthening. And then we can take the head toward the back plane of the body and breathe a couple of moments doing this every half hour every hour will really re-educate your whole system to come back into its proper alignment I’m Deborah Devine.

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