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Yoga for stretching for Indeed, the trade in herbal medicines was estimated to be worth $. billion in and is undoubtedly worth considerably more now. However, the indirect use of biodiversity may be even more economically valuable and essential for the continued well-being of human societies, and the loss of regulation of ecological processes by ecosystems would be very difficult and very costly to restore. Such processes include the maintenance of air quality through photosynthesis and respiration, water regulation, erosion control, water purification and waste treatment, and pollination. The disruption of these services through the loss of diversity has potentially catastrophic consequences. Deforestation in the vast Amazon rain forest is not only a direct threat to wildlife but could alter the dynamics of climate, especially rainfall, across South America. This in turn will influence what crops can be grown and may even result in the loss of whole ecosystems from some regions because they cannot persist under the new climatic conditions. Yoga for stretching photos, Yoga for stretching 2016.

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