Yoga for Stretching the Core

When we’re working with the core there’s a lot of crunching and compressing of the belly.

And it’s important to release and relax the belly as well in order to allow the muscles to recover and to also just create more space. So that the diaphragm can move optimally down bringing more oxygen into the body and up completing the out-breath so one of the best ways to expand through the front part of the low back and into the core muscles is to go into a modified bridge we come down onto the back and then, if you have a block or a bolster or a rolled-up towel we’ll do as well you just lift your pelvis up and slide that support underneath your back of their hips.

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And then once you’re rested here try to make sure that the hips. And the knees. And the feet are in alignment, if you’d like to take your feet out a little bit more that might make your low back. And your SI joints feel a bit better now once you’re here maybe you let the one leg come out long and feel that wonderful stretch that’s happening deep underneath the belly organs on the front of the spine we’ll take a couple of long slow smooth in-and-out breaths here engaging the leg engaging dorsiflexion with the foot heel strong toe spread wide apart. And then we’ll switch over to the opposite side now, if your back is feeling really comfortable. And you feel really open here maybe you feel ambitious and you’d like to take both legs out and that will give you a wonderful stretch to create a counter pose to all of the crunching that we did in the core work I’m Debra Devine for healing yoga.

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