Yoga for Sex

One of the most important aspects of sex is this idea of getting out of the head and getting into the body and that’s what we do in our yoga practice keeping tension on the breath is really important so finding a way to release the diaphragm and experience a deeper inhalation and a more complete exhalation is. So Important that is going to allow your nervous system to calm it’s gonna bring your parasympathetic aspect of the nervous system into more dominance now first of all, if you’d like to ground yourself, if you’re having a seat you can ground yourself and feel your sit bones connected to the earth.

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And then lift the ribs off of the top of the hips create a little bit more space around the belly and allowing yourself to keep a soft belly don’t worry about a six pack AB we’re worried about allowing the belly organs to move out of the way. So that the diaphragm can come down and create a vacuum. So that we can get more breath into the lungs. And then of course maybe letting the out-breath be complete and moving the diaphragm all the way up by bringing the belly back to the front spine okay let’s do a few rounds of this kind of breathing you can do this breath practice anywhere and nobody will know that you’re getting ready for a hot date later tonight I’m Deborah Devine for healing yoga.

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