Yoga for Seasonal Affective Disorder

When we’re dealing with any kind of emotional disturbance that is related to depression especially seasonal affective disorder, if we get back bends into our daily practice that can make all the difference in the world now right now we’re going to be using a bolster to have the effect of lifting the ground a little bit higher up. So that we can take these back bends a little bit more easily.

Yoga for Seasonal Affective Disorder Photo Gallery

So we rest our belly on the bolster. And we come up to the place underneath the heart. And we let our arms rest down in Sphinx pose here you can see that I’m resting my forearms down here and my fingers are spread wide apart, if we engage the shoulders and lift the upper back we are already experiencing a wonderful back bend here long slow smooth in-breath and long slow smooth out breath feels pretty wonderful then we can increase the backbend by taking the hands a little bit closer to the body engaging the whole back line of the body. And then lifting up using the upper body strength pressing down with the fingers in the base of the fingers.

And the thumbs. And the meat of the thumbs keeping the elbows in shoulder blades down the back lengthening the front part of the throat and breathing, if you take several rounds of these back bends your mood will definitely be shifting into a more positive zone I’m Debra divine for healing yoga namaste you.

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