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Disappeared in yoga yoga for real people with real problems I’m Debra define welcome to healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems and yes as you just saw I had a lot of problems before discovering gentle yoga my weight smoking lack of exercise were all contributing to respiratory issues it was getting hard to breathe and Zoomers are at an elevated risk of developing respiratory problems. Because of the buildup of bad habits over time and heart disease also can impact our breathing as well I planned a simple yoga series that can optimize your ability to get more oxygen throughout the body even, if you have respiratory challenges don’t worry this practice has been designed for people who aren’t necessarily in great shape we’ll start with a relaxing warm-up on our backs to open the chest in the ribs then we’ll be standing and creating more space in the lungs and opening up our air intake passageways the poses are so easy that you might wonder how effective they can be. But do the whole series or, if you’re busy just do one or two and you’ll be breathing easier let’s start the healing joining me today Sheila Susan and John and all of us are going to appreciate all of the extra breath that we’ll be cultivating in the practice our first warm-up pose is going to be elevated chest shav Asana. So I’d like to invite Susan to come down. And we’ll get started we’ve got a bolster or a blanket that’s folded up maybe a towel could be folded up as well and we’re gonna be elevating the chest to maximize our lung capacity in breathing as you can see I’m just creating a little bit of an accordion fold for Susan here.

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And then we can sit right in front of our support. So let’s go ahead and do that we’ll sit right in front of the bolster or the blanket. And then a long slow smooth in-breath lengthening the front line of the chest. And then a long slow smooth and complete out-breath is gonna take us back and, if you’d like to bend your knees, if you’ve got back trouble that might be a good idea so we’ve got the head supported. And the neck supported. And the spine supported. And this is creating a wonderful effect of the ribs opening up like a clamshell revealing the pearl of the heart as soon as you come down here, if you’re feeling any discomfort in your low back bend your knees take your hips away from the bottom of the ribs. And then just let your legs come along one at a time we’ll let ourselves ground we take our glasses off. And just place them beside our mat and have them on standby. And we’ll begin to let the out breaths give us a sensation of widening out and flattening out and creating more contact with the earth close the eyes and let go of the jaws allow yourself to become wider you can take the upper leg bones and rotate them inwardly to create a little bit more space in the low back. And then just allow the legs to flop out now we’ll take the hands behind the back of the neck. And we’ll lengthen the back of the neck lengthening the back of the neck and allowing yourself to rest the head down now we’ll take the hands onto the belly below the navel.

And we’ll just watch how the breath is moving here then the next time an out breath comes along follow the breath down to the end of the out-breath pressing the fingers in at the end of the out-breath. And then an in-breath comes. And we feel the belly start to expand. And then we’ll move our hands up around the sides of the ribs around the size of the ribs. And just begin to feel what happens on the out-breath you can feel the ribs closing down and moving in I’m feeling the in breath moving the ribs out and up like the handles on a pail. And then we’ll bring our hands up to the top of the chest around the collarbones. And then we’ll just watch what the breath is doing here then we’ll bring the hands back down to the low belly. And we’ll let the out-breath be complete here. And then the in-breath comes filling up the low belly this is a wonderful way to connect with the breath as soon as we bring awareness to the breath it starts to change the diaphragm is the main breathing muscle it moves down creating a vacuum in the lungs. And when we have tension in the belly, if we’ve got tension in the diaphragm it gets stuck. And we end up breathing into the higher parts of the lungs so by moving awareness into what is happening with our breathing functions we can begin to access what the diaphragm is doing as a muscle we can bring some awareness to the outside edges of the diaphragm the circumference of the diaphragm please continue to enjoy this pranayama breathing exercise.

And we’ll be back in just a few moments to work more with respiratory issues healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems for more yoga go to one TV CA / healing yoga healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems hi I’m Susan I’ve been dealing with respiratory issues for about the past twelve years in the form of asthma bronchitis and there was a period of time where I had pneumonia three times within four years. But since I’ve been doing yoga I find now that the bronchitis is virtually non-existent I haven’t had pneumonia. So I therefore don’t require any medication and I was using an inhaler that I no longer require and all of those issues have seemingly gone away since I’ve been doing yoga welcome back we’ve been working with yoga poses and breath techniques to help our respiratory system Susan it’s so great that you’ve had success working with yoga to improve your breathing what are the favorite moves that you enjoy I really like to open my chest just by clasping my hands behind my back opening up the shoulders bringing the shoulder blades together. And just pulling the hands away from the back that’s a fantastic move. And it’s a little bit more of an active type of pose compared to what we were just doing elevating our chest it’s the same idea and I love that so now we’re gonna be coming into Tad Asana to create more space in the lungs. So we’ll come to the center of the mat. And we will take our heels out and our toes in. And then we’re gonna come back on the heels and ground through the back line of the body allow yourself to breathe down the back line on the out-breath and allow the in-breath to lift everything on the front part of the body bringing the heads of the arm bones back squeezing the shoulder blades together drawing them down towards the waist an external rotation of the upper arm bones will create a little bit more space on the front of the chest. And then we take an in-breath and lift the arms out and up reaching for the sky exhaling hands to heart space inhaling and reaching out and up these wonderful Sun breaths exhaling hands to heart we’re opening up a lot of space in the ribs here inhaling out and up.

And then when we get to the in the top of the in-breath let the hands stay together. And then we ground on the left side and extend the spine nice and long lifting the ribs off of the hips lean over to the right we’re accessing a lot of lung tissue that we don’t normally breathe into in daily life we usually spend a lot more of our breathing up here in the tops of the lungs so by coming into this side Bend we’re starting to open up new territory we’re creating a little bit more awareness deep into the bottom parts of the lungs where there’s a higher concentration of the air sacs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide this is a wonderfully purifying practice right now at the end of the next in-breath feel yourself filling up maybe pause there for a moment. And then exhale arms come back to Center hands come to heart space wonderful now we’re gonna take the belt and take a few ups and overs. So we start off with the belt. And it doesn’t have to be a special belt it can be bathrobe tie or your husband’s old tie we start off with the hands together close. And then as we come up we begin to create more space between the hands giving ourselves a little bit more rope. And then we come over on the out-breath. And then we begin again inhaling lifting reaching grounding through the heels and lifting the ribs away from the hips exhaling down the back coming up and over a few times is gonna create some wonderful openness through the front of the chest openness through the armpits openness through the ribs as well the next time we come up and over we’re gonna find the sweet spot that spot where you really feel like you need to spend a little bit of time it’ll be a different spot every day might be a different spot in the morning compared to the afternoon.

But just be here and begin to break the belt breaking the belt using your arm strength bringing your shoulders together and moving them down towards the waist lengthen the back of the neck bring the head back into alignment with the back line of the body and breathe now this is the area of the heart chakra. And the element associated with the heart chakra is the element of air in addition to prana by you we’re also dealing with Buddha novi you which is this upward flowing energy that governs air through the throat hiccups and things like that. So we’re using our in-breath to lengthen the front of the spine the front of the neck as well as the back of the neck we’re exhaling completely moving energy down the back line bring the shoulder blades together and moving them towards the waist wonderful let’s let go of the belt and shake the arms out. And then we’ll take another up and over finding the sweet spot remember to stay out of the pains own and in the comfort / discomfort zone we’re accessing a lot of breath here we’re bringing oxygen down into the deepest parts of the lungs here, if you take all of the air sacs and flatten them out you would have a tennis court. So just think about that when you’re breathing in think about breathing in through a tennis court and please continue to enjoy these ups and overs or any other variations of the warm-ups that we’ve done. And we’ll be back in a few moments to work more deeply into the lungs healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems for more yoga go to one TV dot see a slash healing yoga healing problems welcome back today’s practice were focusing on poses and breath practices to improve our respiratory system so Sheila I wanted to ask you about the challenges that you have with respiration when does that happen interesting this is a wonderful practice to prevent colds as well or bringing a lot of oxygen into our system were optimizing our oxygen levels and we’re alkalizing the body. And when we become less acidic and more alkaline our immune system gets a wonderful boost as well. So let’s move into the next pose we’re gonna be going into lunges and doing variations with the arms. So we come down onto our hands and knees, if you’ve got a chair in front of you that would work beautifully or you can just use a bolster pillow or you can come to the floor now the right foot is coming forward. And the left leg is staying back we’re trying to get the shin vertical on the front leg. And then we’re just going to bring awareness down to the heel of the front foot we’re gonna press down into that heel.

And then we go to the back leg. And we begin to energize the back leg perhaps you’d like to move your back leg back just a little bit you’re gonna bring yourself down here yes and allow this opening of the front of the hip to happen take a few breaths deep into the muscle on the front of the spine that goes underneath all of the belly organs connecting on the inner part of the upper leg bone this is the psoas muscle there’s one on the left and one on the right and they’re attached to the roots of the diaphragm when we are sitting that muscle is contracted. And the roots of the diaphragm are also contracting so by opening up the front of the hip we’re actually releasing the die of. And you may be experiencing a yawn come over you or a sigh or a deeper breath don’t squelch that instinct your body’s looking for more oxygen so go for these big deep breaths go for these yawns and really enjoy how you’re taking a lot more oxygen into your body now we’ll come on to the opposite side we’ll switch legs left leg forward right leg back pressing down into the heel of the front foot and energizing the back leg think about how you could be lengthening the psoas and creating more space between the top of the hip. And the bottom of the ribs allow the shoulder blades to come down the back and toward the heart we’re lengthening the front of the spine now as well let the ribs open out and up feel the belly expanding feel the ribs expanding now on the out-breath ground ground the legs we’re working with up and avaya this downward flowing energy removing old energy out. So that we can make room and space for a fresh prana the fresh prana by you to come up now we can take our arms and, if you feel ambitious maybe let your hands rest on the knee inhaling reaching the pinky fingers up to the sky bringing the heads of the arm bones back and broadening through the collarbones there’s an external rotation of the upper arm bone. So the palms could be facing back behind you, if that feels good or they could just be facing into the middle let the shoulder blades come down the back and knit together behind the heart open the sternum broaden the collarbones.

And then bring the hands back to heart center in prayer pose. And then we’ll bring your hands back to our support. And then we’ll come back with the left leg now we’ll be taking some side bends we’re going to open up some more space in between the ribs. And the hips. So we’ll take this chair come around take a bolster. And the bolster will be resting widthwise on the mat so coming into a side Bend with either a rolled up blanket or roll OOP towel or yoga bolster we bring our support right up to the side hip this is going to give us an opportunity to really expand on the bottom part of the body. So we take a long slow smooth in-breath lengthening on the front part of the body exhaling and draping yourself over top of the bolster or the towel. And then letting the bottom knee stay bent the top leg is long resting your head on the bottom arm and taking your top arm up and over long slow smooth in breath and long slow smooth and complete out-breath let’s engage dorsiflexion heel strong toe spread wide apart and we’re pulling the leg out of the hip socket here we’re pulling the hip away from the bottom of the ribs we’re pulling the arm out of the shoulder socket so you’ve got this wonderful expansion that’s happening on the top plane here creating a lot of space between the bottom of the ribs. And the top of the hips take five long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths deep into all of the muscles and connective tissue that are stretching let the out breast be complete and feel the belly come to the front spine pause there for a moment enjoy that quiet that stillness that’s there. And then feel the in-breath nourishing every cell of the body wonderful now while we go to break we’ll be taking the opposite side. And when we come back we’ll be getting ready for our cooldown healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems for more yoga go to one TV dot see a slash healing yoga healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems cell therapy is one way to counteract respiratory conditions nasal irrigation and salt water gargling are well known remedies.

But Himalayan salt pipes are also being touted as a way to treat asthma allergies and sinus issues welcome back this practice has been focused on enhancing our breathing capacity you should be feeling now that you have a lot more lung volume and hopefully you’ve been able to take a wonderful couple of yawns hopefully a couple of wonderful deep breaths and you’ve been able to release some tension all through the front line of the body especially the front spine especially the side ribs. So we’re gonna be working with a cool-down that’s going to open things up a little bit more around the heart. And the neck we’ve elevated ourselves with these blankets we created these accordion fold blankets in one direction supporting the spine. And then we’ve rolled up another blanket to support the area underneath the shoulder blades for women assist the bra line. So we’re going to come forward with the legs and we’re gonna bring our hindquarters right up to the support. So we can have some support for the low back. And then we bring the hands to the side we’re gonna use the upper body strength to help us come down a long slow smooth in-breath lengthens the front part of the body. And then a long slow smooth out breath allows us to rest back take the arms out to the sides out in the tea formation, if you like. And we’ll breathe long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths allowing the ribs to open out and up. And then just let the breath go here for a few moments and let’s engage the idea of you joy now the you Jai breath is a very slight constriction at the back of the throat. And the out-breath. And the in breath both happen through the nostrils now see, if you can use the imagery of snapping a searchlight on the front of the in-breath.

And then following that in-breath and seeing where it goes it’s expanding into new territory colonizing new areas of the lungs new areas within the body pausing at the end of the complete out-breath is a wonderful practice to tone the diaphragm and all of the muscles of the intercostals in between the ribs after being in this wonderful backbend and opening the front part of the chest opening up the heart opening up the fourth chakra opening up the fifth chakra opening up all of the air blogs you should feel very rested very relaxed so please continue to enjoy shav Asana for the next 15 minutes. And we’ll see you again next time on healing yoga namaste you.

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