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Disappeared in yoga yoga for real people with real problems I’m Debra define welcome to healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems and yes as you just saw I had a lot of problems before discovering gentle yoga my weight smoking lack of exercise were all contributing to respiratory issues let yoga be your secret weapon to calm your heart reset your nervous system and soothe your mind between the costs health risks and social stigma there are more reasons than ever to quit smoking these healing yoga tips helped me quit and will help you manage through cravings release tension and revitalize body and mind we are going to exhale firmly. And this idea of moving the stomach back toward the front spine is gonna create this wonderful wave of air coming out of the nostrils let me demonstrate for you of course you’ll want to keep a Kleenex close at hand. And we do several rounds we try five breaths. And we will try 10 breaths, if you can get up to 25 breaths you can get a lot of heat going here and that is wonderful for also helping our immune system 80% of our immune system is in the guts. So let’s go for kapalabhati now take the Kleenex and keep it close at hand and exhale firmly wonderful now feel how much more open and fresh you are new now bhastrika is the Breath of Fire it’s like a dog panting. So we just begin to work with the belly.

So that we can get the digestive fires burning a lot more brightly at the end of the practice you may feel like you need to wipe yourself off. And you haven’t even gone anywhere. So let’s give this a try. And then when you run it a steam you just stop catch your breath. And then go back and maybe three rounds doing as many rounds as you can doing as many of these breaths as you can. And just feeling heat building up feeling some kind of shifts going on deep inside the belly we’re moving a lot of energy here getting things warmer and warmer. And then we’ll release. And we’ll let go so we’ve got our weights we’re gonna stay within our comfortable range of motion we want to feel really strong. And we want to be aligned this is. So Important engage the legs engage the pelvis feel really strong take the shoulder blades together and move them down the back lengthen through the neck. And the back of the head everything is coming toward the back plane of the body next in-breath that comes along come up about a third of the way. And then rotate the arms.

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And then we’ll let the arms come back down inhaling about shoulder height rotate the arms. And then let them come down. And then next in-breath that comes along let’s see, if we can lift up a little bit higher two-thirds does that work, if not do a lower level all good let things come down now we’re gonna come back up again. And then we’ll just do a couple of pulses take the arms out as far as you can draw the shoulder blades down. And then we’ll just pulse up and down just a few or, if feel really like this is feeling good. And you want to continue on you can do as many as you like until you come to fatigue then when the time is right when your body says that’s enough then we just drop and float the arms down so now we’re gonna take our hands onto the shoulders. And we’ll begin making it some very small shoulder circles very small elbow circles we’ll go around a few times in one direction. And then we’ll just go around the other side the other way exploring what’s happening and maybe there’s a couple of spots that feel a little bit tight.

And we’ll just work very gently around there. And then we’ll come around to circling in the first direction except we’ll open things up a little bit more we’re opening up the armpits a little bit more and we’re starting to feel the shoulder blades come together behind the back yes squeezing those muscles between the shoulder blades and lifting the upper part of the chest we’re getting a lot of synovial fluid that’s releasing in the shoulder joint. And when you’re increasing the circulation you’re bringing fresh oxygen and fresh blood fresh nutrients to all of the cells in this area it’s important for mental performance as well. Because we’re clearing out all of the old energy that’s stuck in our shoulders in our now constructive rest position with the knees bent we’ll come down on to our backs. And the feet are about hip-width apart maybe a little bit wider the heels are out the toes are in the arms are coming out to a comfortable place next time an out breath comes along we’re gonna take the knees over to the right. And the head is moving over to the left. And then we’re gonna come back up to Center the next in-breath. And then we’ll heel toe the feet in towards the midline of the mat we’ll take the right foot up and over resting on the left knee. And then we’ll circle the foot we’ll bring the hands up we’re gonna circle the hands as well bring the shoulder blades down the back open up through the collar bones. And just feel this wonderful sense of releasing tension in the wrists. And the ankles. And the arms come down we take the heel pick it nice and strong spread the toes nice and wide engaging dorsiflexion here the right sit bone comes down towards the ground and points toward the grounded foot so now we’re getting deeper into the hip rotators. And the hip rotators get very tight. Because we sit a lot in our world. So we’re just gonna continue this rocking sensation moving the head in one direction. And the knees in the opposite direction and feel this fantastic ringing out of the muscles the glutes the piriformis is underneath the glutes keep bringing the sit bones down towards the ground allowing the knee to move away from the face in an organic very easy way let’s come back to Center unravel the legs.

And we’ll take the opposite foot up and over circling the foot we’ll bring the hands up we’ll make fists out of the hands. And then we’ll circle the hands a few times then let the arms come down will engage dorsiflexion with the left foot so heel is strong toes spread wide apart left sit bone is drawing down and pointing towards the grounded foot. And then we rock I’m just gonna palpate and massage all of the areas that we were working with and we’re gonna breathe into those little nooks and crannies here. So we’ll begin with the right hand. So we come down about halfway in the forearm. And we just begin to massage back and forth. And then you can begin to circle your hand around that middle area and we’re loosening things up, if you want to take your thumb deep into the tissues between the two bones of the forearms. And just very gently massage around and breathe deeply into any tender areas use the same type of pressure on the opposite side and see what’s going on there are so many nerves and tendons and ligaments that are connecting everything to everything else. And the tension up here could show up down here. So just massaging down toward the wrists massaging the hand all the fingers spreading the fingers out moving blood and lymph around let’s go to the opposite side squeezing and wring things out so much tension in the forearms from keyboarding and from doing things in the kitchen household chores massaging around the wrists we’re on the outer part of the palm to all of the fingers. And then we shake the hands out it feels so much lighter so much more free so much more vital and alive let’s come down into V pre to karani legs up the wall or legs on a chair in our circumstances here so honey I’ve got a blanket for your head. And your neck, if you’d like to come on to your back.

And then we’ll take a chair right up close to your buttocks. And then you can let your feet come up and rest on the chair back. So, if having your legs on the chair back this way isn’t comfortable we can always been knees one at a time and slide the feet through to the chair back and that will elevate the lower legs keeping them nice and comfortable then we take the shoulder blades down the back one at a time. And we let the arms come out and rest away from the ribs then we close our eyes. And we rest legs up the wall legs on a chair the Purita karani is an excellent pose when we need to build energy this is such a relaxing pose that we can take shav Asana here let’s take a long slow smooth in-breath into the feet exhaling tension exhaling holding shav Asana is one of the most important poses for cultivating energy this is where we rest and restore thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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