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As already pointed out, the niyati iakti is a kailcuka literally a cloak or sheath, veiling the divine nature of the supreme Lord. It is a product of mByS sakti which regulates the activities of the limited subject. The analogy of a crystal reflecting all the different objects existing outside it but in proximity with it must be taken in a limited sense because the objects reflected in the crystal exist independently outside the crystal, but the multiplicity of the universe does not exist independently and outside of the Supreme Lord. The PramUna-varttika is a philosophical logical text by the famous buddhist logician Dharmakirti. Rflhu is the shadow of earth which ordinarily is not visible in the sky.

But when it falls on the disc of the moon at the time of a lunar eclipse, Rahu becomes visible to the naked eye. Here the author gives this analogy to show that the non-perception of the Self in worldly objects should not make anyone doubt its omnipresent existence. The Self exists in everything as being. It is perceived as I. All our cognitions and activities centre around this I experience.

The view of the non-dual Saivites of Kashmir is that the descent of divine grace from the Supreme is indispensable for the extinction of the defilements enveloping individual beings, especially the tiuivu defilement of self-imposed contraction The dispensation of divine grace is one of the supreme Lord’s five functions which he is said to perform eternally in cyclic order, and which cause his self-manifestation as the universe and its re-absorption at the end of each cycle of creation. Here YogarSja the commentator refers to the manner in which the iaktis powers of the Supreme Lord called the tinxlhilna gakti the power of concealment and the anugraha fakti the power of showering grace are responsible for the lord’s self-contraction and his restoration to his original divine form. These two faktis appear to be mutually opposed but as a matter of fact they are mutually complimentary. This is also affirmed by Avadhuta Siddhapada in the verse quoted from an unknown source by YogarJja.

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