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The YogScara Buddhists are subjective idealists who deny the existence of knowledge outside of the experience of manifestation of the world. They deny the existence of objects outside the unending stream of consciousness. The non-dual Saivites of Kashmir postulate that the illumination-nature of the supreme Being serves as both the subject and as the objects of experience, which are also part of the illumination-nature of the supreme Lord and which are thrown up onto the reflecting medium or the mirror of consciousness serving as the instrument for experience. The supreme Lord’s resolve to be many is the cause of this process of self-experience which in the beginning is in the form of idea on the Lord’s part. The illumination-nature of pure consciousness in the Supreme Lord in this wav appears in all the three forms as the subject, the object and the instrument of knowledge.

The concept of the Yoga absolute consciousness is a multi-dimensional one, postulated exclusively by the non-dual Saivites of Kashmir and by the Sakta schools. Here in this context this technical word is used to convey the idea of the Self-experience of the supreme Lord on the supra-cosmic plane. It is held that when the supreme Lord has this selfexperience in the absence of a second it takes the form of awareness, which is the foundation of all his self experiences as the Supreme Subject He then remains immersed in his bliss-nature. For details see Sivadrsii Post and the article by this author entitled Concept of PnniahamtH in the Trika philosophy of Kashmir in the Corpus of Indian Studies, Gaurinath Snstri Felicitation Volume, CalcuttaThe divine iakti operating on the level of the iakti tattva is described by the non-dual Saivites as the power that negates the transcended nature of the Supreme Lord.

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