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Yoga for out of shape for Given the prevalence of cancer, physicians sought for millennia to understand the condition and struggled in the attempt, given the complexity of the disease. Consequently, few diseases have been the subject of so much theory first widely embraced and then roundly rejected. The ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Sumerians, among others, thought that cancer was a punishment from the gods. Hippocrates understood cancer, like almost all medical conditions, as the result of an imbalance of bodily fluids this notion influenced Western thinking for millennia. Beginning in the seventeenth century, as Hippocrates slowly lost his hold on Western medicine, all sorts of hypotheses about cancer achieved wide circulation. Scottish surgeon John Hunter suggested that cancer resulted from a fermenting fluid in the blood called lymph. German pathologist Johannes Muller argued that cancer cells developed out of waste products that became embedded between normal tissues. Yoga for out of shape photos, Yoga for out of shape 2016.

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