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Yoga for osteoarthritis for The twentieth century is also when most of the modern tools used in diagnosing and treating cancer were developed. In physicians began to experiment with the use of radiation as a treatment for cancer, with proven success by the end of the decade. In Greek pathologist George Papanicolaou developed the first screening test for cancer the Pap smear, named after him, which detects cervical cancer. Widespread adoption of the test led to a percent decline in cervical cancer rates in the West. During World War II, many soldiers who were exposed to chemicals were found to have extremely low white blood cell counts. This led physicians who studied the matter notably the American pediatric pathologist Sidney Farber to the insight that the same chemicals, even some that are normally poisonous, might be deployed in a highly controlled fashion to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy, as it was soon called, was first used successfully in the s. Yoga for osteoarthritis photos, Yoga for osteoarthritis 2016.

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