Yoga for Neck Pain Gives Relief

I’m a scarf I’m David up and welcome to an endeavor Yoga for cervical spondylosis cervical spondylosis is caused.

Because of degeneration in the cervical spine the symptoms are pain in the neck abnormal sensations or numbness in shoulders. And your arms. And also stiffness in the neck this set of yoga our sins will help you to reduce the pain in the neck it’ll also help you strengthen the leg muscles and stop the growth of cervical spondylosis kashima. But the namaskar this posture will help you to improve the electus of the back will help you to correct the cervical spondylitis to go in this poster you either stand erect or sit in a direct position and slowly take both the hands behind.

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And with the palms you’re catching the opposite upper arms push your shoulders behind. So that the Justice expanded take the face slightly up. So that the neck is free you close your eyes and keep breathing normally feel the workout on your shoulders on your neck you feel like coming out slowly open your eyes release one one hand one one bomb down and bring the hands in front you can repeat this for one or two times more.

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