Yoga for Neck Pain

Namaskar and baby duck and welcome to an annual yoga or cervical spondylosis cervical spondylosis is caused. Because of degeneration in the cervical spine the symptoms are pain in the neck abnormal sensations or numbness in folders. And your arms. And also stiffness in the neck this set of yoga acids will help you to relieve the pain in the neck it’ll also help you to strengthen the neck muscles and stop the growth of cervical spondylosis neck exercise 3 this is a simple exercise which will help you to strengthen the neck muscle and can be done anytime throughout the day in this practice there are four stages the first stage Windell of the finger keep the palms behind your head touching the head now you start pushing the head forward with the hand and resisted with the head. So the push is coming from the hand from behind. And the head is suggesting it. So you push apply the pressure applied for 2-3 seconds. And then relax again push by the pressure.

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And then relax see that your elbows are not coming too much forward when you apply the pressure. So this is the first stage where you applying the pressure from the Hat and there is a string it from the head now the second stage his head is trying to go behind that is applying pressure towards the pump and pump is resisting. So the pressure is applied from the head. And the pump is resisting it so push the head behind and resist it with the hand relaxed push the hands behind head behind resisted with the hands. So this is the second position then you relax the hands down and take the same position in front on the forehead. So the third step is you’re pushing the head behind with the part and resisting it with the head. So the palm is pushing the head is resisting the palm is pushing the head is resisting do it for three four times. And then the final pose the ship final state the head is trying to come forward. But the farm is not allowing the head to come forward. So the head is pushing the palm is resisting the head is pushing the palm is resisting you can up to do with this also for three to four times. And then slowly drop the hands down you can do this practice throughout the day for about three four times, if you are having neck problems you.

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