Yoga for Nasal Cleansing

Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an ambivert shut kriyas shed Korea’s or shut Karma’s are popularly known as crias these Koreas help you to balance a three doshas the cuff of what and picked up here you use wind that is a water friction and various other things to clean the body internally anything is nasal flimsy in this Kriya you’ll be using a rubber catheter to clean the nose the size of the rubber catheter is size four available at your chemistry now in this Kriya we’ll be inserting the rubber catheter from one nostril slowly inside says that it comes from the nose to the soft palate inside the mouth once it comes towards the mouth you’ll have a coughing sensation which is a sign of the catheter entering the mouth then you take the fingers in and remove the catheter out.

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And then massage the nostril. So the catheter is first sterilized in warm water very slowly or to put the catheter inside the nose see that your breathing is normal don’t stop the breathing and once it comes towards the mouth from the named Nizar cavity you will feel a coughing sensation then you put two fingers either these two or these two and take the catheter out after bringing it now just relax for some time and, if it’s the right nostril you use the right. And the left hand and slowly massage it give it a fiction this will prevent a lot of sinus problems cold cuff problem will also avoid unnecessary flesh or bone growth in the nostril. And then when you feel complete you slowly to start taking it out from the mouth we are pulling the catheter which is from the mouth. And then you clean the north catheter. And you will do it on the other side also it’s a best practice for anybody suffering from common cold cuff or any sinus problems.

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