Yoga for Migraines

One of the things that we are dealing with especially when we’ve got headaches is this idea of the head coming forward everything in our world is ahead of us and especially. Because we’re texting they’re keyboarding we’re looking at a computer were just naturally wanting to come forward a little bit more and one of the practices that’s really important in yoga is alignment so coming into an awareness of what’s going on in the back line of the body when we pull our heads forward all of the muscles in the upper back. And the neck. And the back of the skull are charging up and we’re not in a good relationship with gravity. So, if we can come to an awareness of what’s going on with our head when we’re in the middle of texting or when we’re in the middle of an email.

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And just bring everything back into the back plane lengthening the back of the head and treating space where the muscles. And the spinal column goes up into the brain up into the skull we can create a lot of ease and many people experience fewer headaches and they’re less severe. So I hope that that practice will work for you let’s come to seated let your sit bones ground lift and open the heart broaden the collarbones let the back of the neck become long and bring the head back let yourself lean into the back plane of the body. And then just experience the breath creating space right where the neck muscles. And the bottom of the skull are. And the sub occipital lobe here let the out breast be complete open your eyes you can set a timer on your phone to remind you to do this practice, if you’re working on a big project or, if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer I hope that this practice helps you with your headaches I’m Debra Divide for healing.

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