Yoga for Menopause

One of the most amazing poses during our menopause years is standing forward fold it cools off the nervous system it cools down the brain especially during those at warm moments when we have our power surges. So we just find a way to get the feet a little bit wider than the hips the heels are out the toes are in upper legs are rotating inwardly we sit back with the sit bones bring the hands onto the knees take it easy on the hamstrings.

Yoga for Menopause Photo Gallery

And then come down either to something that can support you. So that you’re not going full bore on your hamstrings or coming down to the ground we’re going to let the hamstrings unravel very slowly maybe walking the legs out one at a time let your head come down and rest all of the products coming into the brain we’re cooling things off lift the sit bones up to the sky come back on the heels come back to the toes, if you can come into this pose as often as possible when you’re having those power surges you will notice a huge difference in your nervous system coming up hands on knees rising I’m Deborah defined for healingyoga.

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