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Disappeared Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems hello I’m Deborah Devine and welcome to healing yoga Yoga for real people with real problems and yes that was me with real problems in the opening cartoon stress and anxiety caused by an unhealthy lifestyle came through in different ways my mind was so overloaded it was affecting my memory Zoomers can also experience this as a result of aging from simple forgetfulness to the onset of dementia I’ve chosen a yoga series that can stimulate memory by simply bringing more blood to the brain. And you don’t have to be young and fit or flexible to join in with me we’ll do a relaxing warm-up on our backs bringing blood out of our legs and into our upper bodies. And then we’ll do some forward bends to get that blood into the head will also release tension in our shoulders and our necks before going back to a relaxing cool down pose these poses are very easy. And you might question, if they’re doing anything do the whole series or, if you’re busy just try one or two poses and you’ll notice a difference let’s start the healing joining me today Mickey and Patricia and all of us are going to benefit from this practice that will help us improve our memory we’re going to begin with V pre to karate the legs up the wall the waterfall pose. And we’ll just come down onto the ground, if you have some wall space at home that be wonderful you just clear off some space get your hindquarters up to the wall. And then throw your legs up, if you’ve got a bolster or a folded blanket it might be nice to support your pelvis that way or you could just lie in the middle of the room and take a support underneath the pelvis and lift the legs up you could also be using a chair give yourself a few moments to allow this new relationship with gravity to take effect it’s very important to use mild inversions when you are working with improving your memory the blood. And the Prada. And the life force the vitality is starting to flood the brain cells we’re activating the vagus nerve which governs the parasympathetic aspect of the nervous system the rest and digest aspect of the nervous system Circle your feet press your heels up to the sky spread your toes. And then let’s take the arms up. And we’ll just circle the wrists.

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And then we’ll in detail the arms over behind the head the thumbs touch the ground. And then we’re exhaling bringing the hands back up to the ceiling circling the wrists spreading the fingers nice and wide getting lots of space in the hands we’re starting to move prana and life force up into the upper part of the body inhaling arms come back over the head thumbs touching the ground, if possible. And then exhaling letting the arms come back circling the wrists in the opposite direction circling the fists at the same time you’re circling the ankles inhaling one more time feeling the prana moving into the neck into the brain let the thumbs come down behind you. And then exhale back up now let the arms come out in a tee please continue to enjoy V Purita karani for the next few minutes. And we will be back to work with some more poses that will help our memory Healing Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems my name is Vicky I’ve succeed years of age.

And I experienced some forgetfulness starts by looking for stuff that was here a second ago. And it turns into a haunted house I’ve been doing yoga for seven or eight years yoga helps me generally with being better feeling better and eating better and implicitly it will help me with finding things faster my wife doesn’t help me finding things she thinks I should not forget where I put things welcome back today’s practice we’re working with memory and using our poses and our breath techniques to enhance our memory it was. So Interesting that you know the simple forgetfulness that we all deal with can really be improved when we’re working with our yoga poses this idea of the telomeres lengthening. And the ends of our chromosomes sort of being smoothed out our cellular age is extended and our neuroplasticity our neurons in the brain those signals between the brain cells are operating a little bit more efficiently. So I’m hoping this next sequence of poses is going to help enhance our memory now. So we’ll come down onto the mat for toe squats now you can turn the toes over and rest the toe pads.

And then come back and sit on your heels feeling that wonderful stretch through the plantar fascia, if you’re having trouble with this or, if you need to take a break you just turn your toes down and see, if you can come back and rest on the Front’s of the ankles the connective tissue on the back line of the body begins on the sole of the foot the plantar fascia is a very tight area for many of us. Because we wear tight shoes. And this lightness manifests all the way up the back line the chain of connective tissue carries this tension all the way up to the eyebrows. So that’s covering the scalp as well and after we take toe squats a few times we may notice that there’s a wonderful release of stored energy on the whole back line of the body into the scalp we’re feeling this wonderful sense of opening through the scalp and through the seventh chakra up at the top now we’ll come to standing. And we’ll move into prasarita padottan Asana wide-legged standing forward fold this can be a very invigorating pose for many of us it brings a lot of blood into the head into the eyes and that’s one of the benefits of inversions when we’re working with memory but, if you have any retinal problems it’s important to keep the head. And the heart on a level plane so Patricia is going to be using a chair as we go into prasarita padottan Asana we’re going to be coming into the pose very gently and softly bending the knees taking the sit bones back let the hands come on to the knees the elbows come on to the knees being kind to the hamstrings is very important we don’t want to stretch the hamstrings to the point of tearing it takes a year and a half to fix hamstrings so be very gentle, if you feel comfortable lengthening the hamstrings and straightening the back of the knees maybe that would feel wonderful you can bring your hands down to the floor, if that’s feeling good you could also be using a chair or a bolster a couple of pillows and we’re just gonna be moving the hips from side to side and lengthening out the hamstrings one at a time long slow smooth and breaths long slow smooth out breaths let the head come down and hang shaking the head nodding the head moving the head in circles we’re releasing a lot of tension out of the back of the neck out of the spine out of the scalp and we’re bringing an enormous amount of prana and even Norma’s amount of energy into the brain now we’ll take the hands on the hips. And we’ll energize the legs. And then on an in-breath rise up wonderful now let’s go into Child’s Pose. And we’ll move into downward facing dog.

So we come on to our knees and our hands the knees can be wide the feet together. And the arms will be out in the front we’re taking the forehead down to the ground and resting we’re taking the sit bones back tail bones coming back and we’re letting the out-breath be complete letting the belly come to the front spine we feel the pelvis pouring the spine out in this pose we feel a spine lengthening this is a part of the information superhighway the brain is one area where we have intelligence. But there’s also intelligence all the way down the back concentrating in the spine in the spinal column now we can turn the toes under and move into downward facing dog we’re pressing down into the base of the index finger. And the thumb. And the meet of the thumb and pressing down into the toes the sit bones come up inner spiral of the upper leg bones outer spiral of the upper arm bones taking the heart back towards the thighs broadening the shoulder blades making space around the shoulder shelf letting the head come down nodding the head shaking the head releasing all of the tension in the spine we’re bringing more Prada.

And more oxygen more blood down into the brain when you’re ready come down knees supporting you into Child’s Pose resting your forehead resting the forehead on the ground is a wonderful way to calm the mind one of the most important practices for enhancing memory is allowing the mind to become still. And we do that by reading the breath we do that by keeping our awareness on where the breath is breathing the body when we have our forehead supported on the ground there’s a cooling effect on the brain. So all of the mental activity that may be preventing us from being able to access information easily all of that excess thinking drops down. And then what’s left is this wonderful peaceful calm still lake surface please continue enjoying Child’s Pose into downward-facing dog and appreciating all of that fresh blood and prana coming into the brain cells. And we’ll be back in just a few moments to work with some more techniques to help our memory healing Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems certain superfoods have been associated with improved memory function incorporate blueberries carrots artichokes okra and eggs into your diet welcome back we’ve been using this gentle yoga practice to help enhance our memory and for the next sequence we’re going to be clearing the information superhighway the spinal connection between the whole body. And the brain. So we’re going to be sitting it’s nice to have the hips a little bit higher than the knees but, if your hips are very open as mickey’s are then you can just rest your sit bones on the ground let yourself feel a connection of the sit bones onto the ground you may need to bring your flesh back a little bit. So that we can be on the front of the sit bones that will allow the pelvis to create a staging area for the spine to rise up effortlessly we allow ourselves to ground through the legs through the knees. And we feel this opening and lifting on the front of the chest we lengthen the back of the neck. And then we bring the shoulder blades back and down next time an in-breath comes along we inhale the arms up to shoulder height. And then we exhale and rotate the upper arms externally palms facing the sky inhale the arms all the way up fingers touch.

And then we exhale hands to heart now we’re gonna inhale the arms up again exhaling rotating the upper arms. And then we’ll take our gaze over to the right lengthening the back of the neck creating lots of space in the disks of the spine taking a few breaths here energizing the arms spreading the fingers nice and wide. And then we’ll take our gaze down to the armpit the chin is coming closer to the collarbone. And we draw the chin across to the jugular notch we inhale and lift the gaze. And then next time an out breath comes along we take the gaze over to the left energizing the arms really spreading the fingers nice and wide drawing the gaze down into the armpit drawing the chin across the clavicle and lifting the gaze now we’re going to be taking our hands up on the next in-breath palms touch exhaling hands to heart now the right hand is gonna swing over and end up on the left shoulder. And then we’re gonna draw the left shoulder up at the same time that we bring the right hand down now this right shoulder may want to get in on things too. So just draw the right shoulder down lifting the left shoulder up in to the right hand and pressing down and resisting with that hand drop the left ear over on to the shoulder here squeezing deep into the neck crease long slow smooth in-breath long slow smooth and complete out-breath. And then we lift the head release the arms now feel one shoulder is a little bit higher than the other we’ve just released a lot of tension out of the neck out of the shoulders out of the back of the scalp. So we’re starting to open up more blood to flow into the brain left hand comes over to the right shoulder squeezing the right shoulder up resisting with the left hand and bringing the left shoulder down we drop the right ear onto this rising shoulder. And we squeeze getting rid of tension out of the spinal cord out of the neck and out of the back of the head is really important when we want to cultivate a better memory when we have a lot of tension and constriction in the muscles and connective tissue around the neck that can constrict the blood vessels. And the blood flow up to the brain it can also have a negative effect on our eyesight. Because their eyes are very vascular and looking for lots of oxygen as well letting go of the right shoulder now the head comes back up we unravel the arms. And just feel the difference between the right. And the left sides shrugging the shoulders and shaking things out now inhale the arms up exhale and rotate the upper arm bones inhale lift the arms up feel all of this oxygen coming into the lungs exhale hands to heart center now please continue to enjoy these arm movements or move into a couple of repetitions of what we were doing with the shoulders.

And we’ll be back in a few moments to warm down Healing Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems welcome back we’ve been working with this gentle practice to help us improve our mental clarity and memory. And now we’re going to be working with some breath practice that will really work wonders with our ability to access memories in the brain we’re doing kapalabhati shining skull breath, if you need a Kleenex on standby that might be a good idea we take a long slow smooth in-breath and a long slow smooth out breath. And then the next in-breath that comes along we pause at the top of the in-breath. And then we create this out snort we bring the belly back to the front spine. So we’ll just do a couple of these. And the in Brooke doesn’t have to go all the way to the top you can stop halfway just allow the in-breath to happen naturally here we go this breath practice is wonderful for clearing out the brain now we’re going to improve our focus with some chanting ohm is a sound that we have been experiencing from the beginning of time and ancient yoga practitioners have always encouraged us to do some chanting. So that we can bring some awareness internally. And also just come into a sense of union with the mind the breath. And the body united all of our mental powers are concentrated this has a wonderful effect of clearing the mind. So let’s take a couple of ohms ground through your sit bones through your legs. And then feel this connection to the earth take a long slow smooth out breath belly comes to the front spine inhale feel the ribs open out and up lift the heart and begin just have a sense of how your brainwaves to have transitioned from very active and busy to very calm. And now we’re gonna move into an elevated shav Asana pose we’ll come off the bolster. And we’ll set it up lengthwise.

So we can have our back supported alright. So you can have a seat right here in front of the bolster then we’ll take a second bolster under the knees we’ll just use the hands to support us on that journey. But before we come down we’ll take a long slow smooth in-breath breathing length exhale coming back very slowly mindfully and resting letting the legs go for an inner spiral securing a little bit more space in the low back around the SI joints being able to get this inner spiral going is going to help the low back feel a little bit more comfortable. And then letting the legs flop out and allowing yourself to bring the hips away from the bottom of the ribs, if there’s any pinch eNOS in the low back letting the arms come out to the sides rotating externally with the palms facing the sky fingers unfurling like the petals of a lotus. And then allow yourself to rest in shav Asana for at least 15 more minutes when you come out of Asana you should feel very refreshed in the mind and very relaxed in the body we look forward to seeing you again next time on healing yoga you.

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