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The two poles, I aham and this idam, are not manifest clearly and simultaneously in their experience. Sometimes thev experience only their ‘T’-nature aham, with the universe remaining somewhat concealed, but at other times they experience the totality of the universe idam, with their I-nature remaining somewhat indistinct. These the Siva, mantramaheSvara, mantreSvara, and mantra beings are considered the pure subjects because they reside in the pure domain Suddha adhvan.

They are manifested by the operation of the divine Yoga Sakti in its pure spiritual form tit Yoga Sakti, they are free from the anava, mayiya, and karma malas defilements and possess pure bodies made of the divine Yoga Sakti in a condensed form called bindu. They enjoy eternal bliss and are incapable of performing any action except to carry out the will of the supreme Lord. Sometimes divine grace is transmitted through them to fettered beings lying below. The vijnanaknla subjects are permanently unembodied and live in the void that lies beneath the pure Suddha vidya but above the impure maya tattva. They are conscious of themselves as pure awareness bodha.

They are free of the karma and mayiya mala defilements but have the Snava mala defilement and thus experience themselves as separate beings. Not being embodied they can neither raise nor lower themselves through meritorious or demeritorious action. And because they do not even have a subtle body they lie in an immobile condition from the beginning of creation until the cosmic dissolution and do not have any experience of a universe. The pralaydkala subjects are bound by the anava and kHrma mala defilements and are devoid of a body, but unlike the vijnfinfikala subjects who are unembodied permanently, they are disembodied temporarily. They reside on the level of the miiyd tattva, and are so deluded by maya sakti that they are not aware of anything.

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