Yoga for Lower Back Pain Easy Stretches for Back Pain Relief

Welcome back and, if you’re just tuning in I’m Xiaomi la Nicolette I’m a professional golfer and today I’m gonna show you some great strengthening exercise for your lower body to strengthen the lower body we need to work on the thighs the hamstrings the calf muscles. And the gluteus muscles of the buttocks we begin with Natraj Asana spread your feet wide drop your hips down. So the thighs are parallel to the floor and join your palms up breathe normally and try to hold for a minute Veerabhadra Asana or the warrior pose to spread the legs wide apart turn to one side join your palms drop your hips.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain Easy Stretches for Back Pain Relief Photo Gallery

And stretch the stomach the pose will strengthen the thighs. And the hamstrings while also helping you overcome sleep by stretching the lower part of the abdomen bootcut ascend is done to further strengthen the thighs sit in a squat position and maintain this for about a minute you could start with 30 seconds squats can be done to strengthen the thighs quickly as well as to shed excess fat in the body you could do this by holding dumbbells and Bri then drop down pause exhale. And come up you could do 15 or 20 of these to strengthen the thighs there’s some great exercises on lower body strengthening check out my post on upper body strengthening.

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