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Yoga for losing weight for Case Practices for ball-like tumors in his breast. Examination If you treat a man for ball-like tumors on his chest and you find they have spread on his chest and if you put your hand on his chest on those tumors and you find it very cold, with no warmth in it, and your hand finds they have no granularity, and they do not make water or create drops of water but are ball-like to your hand, then you say about him One who has ball-like tumors an ailment I will fight with. Treatment It is nothing. If you find ball-like tumors in any limb of a man, you should treat him according to these practices. Explanation As for ball-like tumors on his chest, it means there are swellings on his chest, big, spread out, and hard, which when touched are like when a ball of bandages is touched, similar to a fresh fenugreek pod when it is hard and cool under your hand, like when those swellings that are on his chest are touched. Source U.S. Yoga for losing weight photos, Yoga for losing weight 2016.

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