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By meditating on his real divine Self, whose nature is all-pervasive absolute bliss, described in detail in the foregoing pages, the spiritual adept realises his Siva-nature easily and quickly, not after many rebirths. It may be asked here: how? The reply is that he achieves this result by penetrating his very heart, his innermost core, within which the experience of the Self is obtained. What is the nature of Brahman the all-pervasive divine Being? It is revealed by his the authors famous name Abhinavagupta that means the ever new which is hidden, referring to the hidden nature of Brahman that is generally not revealed to others but remains concealed.

It is revealed, and is concisely explained in this text. The nature of the teaching has also been stated in the above verse. This most profound essence of the teaching has been summed up in a hundred verses in arya metre by me, Abhinavagupta, inspired by the remembrance of Siva’s feet. The sublimest essence of the teaching, which could not be described in hundreds of texts, has been summed up by Abhinavagupta in a hundred verses. This indicates his extraordinary intellectual capacity.

How has this been accomplished by him? By his being one who is inspired by the remembrance of Siva’s feet, by his remembrance of the feet or the rays of the light of consciousness. Siva is by his very nature the transcendent Being, the innermost Self, the embodiment of consciousness and bliss. Remembrance of the feet of Siva means not losing the awareness of the Self while cognising ordinary objects like sound etc.

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