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Yoga for life for Indeed, despite many important research breakthroughs made possible by the commitment of resources, many experts have criticized the entire approach, arguing that it focused too much on providing cures and not enough on changing lifestyles and ameliorating environmental factors that lead to the disease. Members of the Senate, Members of the House, ladies and gentlemen We are here today for the purpose of signing the cancer act of I hope that in the years ahead that we may look back on this day and this action as being the most significant action taken during this Administration. It could be, because when we consider what cancer does each year in the United States, we find that more people each year die of cancer in the United States than all the Americans who lost their lives in World War II. This shows us what is at stake. It tells us why I sent a message to the Congress the first of this year, which provided for a national commitment for the conquest of cancer, to attempt to find a cure. Now, with the cooperation of the Congress, with the cooperation of many of the people in this room, we have set up a procedure for the purpose of making a total national commitment. Yoga for life photos, Yoga for life 2016.

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