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I was a total stress mess and one area this really affected was my libido they said that 90% of sex is in the brain.

But over time my mind wouldn’t let me go there based on that experience and many years of teaching I’ve planned a yoga series that relaxes the mind. And the body allowing you to be truly present for intimacy this practice has been designed for people who are not in great shape. So you don’t need to be flexible or an athlete to benefit from it in a relaxing warm up. And the poses that follow will go back and forth between our 2nd and 4th chakras unlocking our reproductive organs and opening our hearts the poses are so easy that you might wonder how effective they can be. But do the whole series or, if you’re busy just one or two of the poses will do and they will help you get in the mood let’s start the healing joining me today Maggie Nina and Beth and we’re all gonna be increasing our libido now with this practice let’s begin a warm-up constructive rest we come down onto the mat lie down on our back with the knees bent using the arms to help us and support us to get down here we take a shoulder blades we move them underneath the heart we externally rotate the upper arm bones and let the arms rest away from the ribs the feet are coming a little bit wider than the hips heels out toes in. And the next time an out breath comes along we’ll move the knees over to the right. And the head is gonna move over to the left.

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So this wonderful rocking back and forth is helping to iron out some tension in the low back iron out tension in the back of the hips. And also iron out tension on the back of the skull now let’s bring our hands to the belly maybe around the hip points. And then maybe closer to underneath the belly button continuing to rock the knees in one direction in the head in the opposite direction very slowly letting the breath guide the movements and we’re just gonna bring our awareness to the second chakra this is the energy center that is located directly behind the uterus on the front of the spine. And the color that’s associated with this chakra is the color of orange. So just close your eyes and think about a big ball of whirling energy orange this is the energy center that’s responsible for governing reproduction passion procreation and sometimes when we get really stressed the belly starts to shut down our reproductive organs shut down coming back to Center. And then taking the hands up and circling the wrists we’re gonna circle the wrist we’re starting to think about the fourth chakra you can continue to rock your knees back and forth maybe you like to change the position of your feet maybe a little bit wider or closer together. And we’ll be circling the wrists a couple times one way a couple of times the other way. And then we’ll take the hands onto the shoulders.

And we’ll begin to make some circles with the arms we’re activating the heart chakra. And now I encourage you to continue doing what feels good you can continue you to rock your knees back and forth you could let your arms rest. And then come back again to circling the wrists or the elbows we’ll be back in a few moments Healing Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems hi my name is Nina. And I’m finding that as I’m getting older the old libido ain’t what it used to be I’m hoping through yoga that I will have an enhanced libido and maybe feel a little more romantic and I think my husband would love it, if instead of spending my time in bed reading and doing Scrabble on my iPad that maybe I’d give him a little more time and a little more romance I can take it or leave it he’d rather take it a little more often than I am ready for so here’s hoping welcome back we’re working with the libido today and Nina we know your husband wants a little bit less Scrabble and a little bit more smooching right right. So this next sequence of poses is going to activate the fourth chakra. And the second chakra a little bit more deeply. So we’re gonna come into Tad Asana Mountain Pose. And we’ll be adding some Sun breasts to that. So the feet are about hip-width apart heels out toes in a bit of an inner spiral on the upper leg. So that the SI joints get a little bit more space we come back on the heels. And we energize the legs we energize the pelvis squeeze the gluts feel like a girdle is pressing you in here feel very strong the spine is naturally lifting out of the pelvis now feel the heart opening up next time an in-breath comes along arms come out and up reaching for the sky at the top of the in-breath the fingers touch. And we exhale hands to the heart one more inhaling exhaling. And then our last round inhaling reaching exhaling hands to heart space now we’re going to be moving into warrior pose.

And we’ll take a couple of variations on warrior. So the left heel is going to come back. And the right foot is going to come forward going to ground that back leg we got a nice strong back leg here. And the front shin is vertical maybe we just come forward a tiny bit more yes. And the knee is moving over to the baby toe side of the foot pressing down into the heel of the front leg energizing the back leg taking the sit bones and moving them together so we’ve got this wonderful blossoming open of the front part the inner part of the legs a lot of lymphatic tissue gets stuck here all kinds of lymph gets stuck here. So we’re moving energy out of this area working with the second chakra let the arms come up open the heart bring shoulder blades down and open through the collar bones spread the fingers nice and wide long slow smooth in breaths everything is lifting on the front of the body exhaling down the back line of the body as you ground on those exhalations. And then the next in-breath is going to take the back hand down onto the back thigh. And the front arm is going to roll open. And then lifting exalting the warrior a couple of breaths here press down into the front heel move the front knee over to the baby toe side of the foot allowing all of this lymphatic tissue to really open up and release grounding through the back heel grounding through the baby toe side of the back foot reaching up and really bringing a lot of air into this right side of the chest we’re opening up the fourth chakra we’re bringing more of the air element into ourselves. And then we’re gonna exhale come back into warrior straighten the front knee turn the toes forward.

And then left foot comes out right heel comes back energizing the back leg hugging muscle to bone left knee is coming over to the baby toe side of the foot we’re going to the sit bones and we’re bringing them together that is going to blossom open the front inner thighs this is where we get a lot of stuck energy especially as women we sit in dresses and skirts and our legs are constantly pressing together now we’re opening up these energy blogs of the second chakra inhale the arms up exhale press down with the feet yes turning this way here beautiful long slow smooth in breaths long slow smooth and complete out breaths feel the belly come to the front spine maybe pausing there for just a moment this is so wonderful let’s just bring you back a little tiny bit then the back hand comes down onto the back thigh. And we roll the arm up long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths externally rotating this upper arm facing the palm back pressing down into the heel of the front foot engaging the muscles of the legs opening blossoming open the inner thighs. And then we come back to warrior two arms come down toes come forward yes wonderful now we’re going to be doing prayer pose. So we’ll come down onto our knees and let the arms come long let the arms come long maybe we take the sit bones high to the sky we spread the fingers nice and wide we’re working with the energy of the heart we’re working with the energy of our love we’re working with the energy of forgiveness we’re working with the energy of warmth and tenderness allow your heart to melt towards the ground every in-breath is moving the ribs out and up creating more space for air and oxygen to come in exhaling completely and letting the belly come to the front spine maybe pausing there for just a moment and experiencing that wonderful stillness and peace inhaling and feeling that wonderful nourishing product penetrating all of the cells of the body feel the back releasing we’re getting a lot of traction in the spine the discs are starting to puff up like marshmallows and there’s this wonderful length that’s being created we’re releasing a lot of tension out of this pair of spinals those muscles on each side of the spine think about warmth inhale feed that warmth back into your heart think about your loved one.

And then continue to enjoy this for the next couple of minutes. And we will come back and continue working with our libido Healing Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems welcome back working with the libido early in their practice we were spending a lot of time on the second chakra our warrior poses were giving us a lot of energy and prana down here in the belly where the reproductive organs the organs of sexuality are we were also working on the heart chakra opening up the heart space. And now we’re gonna be going back down into the second chakra we’re gonna amp things up a little bit. And then we’re gonna move that energy up into the fourth chakra again. So we’re gonna begin with a practice called mula bandha. And we’ll be following that up with Odion Abunda. So let’s come to legs a little bit wider apart than hips hands on the knees taking the sit bones. And the tailbone back now just bring your awareness to the perineum at the bottom of the pelvis there’s a diaphragm. And this is where we’re going to be concentrating our energy we’re gonna exhale and at the end of the exhalation there’s going to be a very subtle lift it’s like a Kegel. And then the inhalation comes. And we just let that go another exhalation comes feel the Kegel start again feel the perineum lift then inhale and release that. And then at the end of the next out breath again that perineum lift. And then holding that let the in-breath come. And then the out-breath is going to happen and we’re gonna continue that out-breath release all of the breath.

And then take the belly organs back and lift them up underneath the ribs for just a moment. And then inhale let the hands walk up the legs. And come back to standing this is starting to access some of the energies down here deeper into the pelvis let’s come back another round mula bandha and odeon Abunda and that whole area at the pelvic floor we’re gonna lift that up at the end of the out-breath. And then we’ll inhale and release that. And then another out-breath is gonna happen and we’re going to release all of the air out of the lungs lifting the perineum lifting the pelvic floor lifting whole area at the bottom of the pelvis take the belly back suck in the belly lift up on the belly organs up under the ribs. And then inhale walk the arms walk the hands up the legs and see how that goes Wow a lot of prana moving in here yes one more round coming back hands on knees exhaling completely mula bandha booty on a bun down inhaling walking the hands back up ah Wow we’ve really moved a lot of energy in the lower abdomen here now we’re gonna come into Eagle. So the Eagle is gonna take all of that energy that we’ve been generating down here in the lower part of the pelvis. And it’s gonna move it up the spine up the sushumna nadi that central blog of the nervous system eagle is opposed whereby we are concentrating all of our energy on the front part of the spine we’re squeezing everything into the midline. And this is a very powerful pose for sexual performance and sexual desire so taking a long slow smooth in breath and a long slow smooth out breaths squeezing everything in the middle squeezing everything in toward the midline squeezing the upper legs together squeezing the forearms together moving the shoulders wide now the modifications for that, if you’ve got problems with balance are taking the right leg up and over you’re resting the foot down in front. And then going to the upper legs squeezing the upper legs together taking the arms out on the in-breath.

And then exhaling left arm comes over the top grabbing a hold of ourselves now, if you’re comfortable here fantastic let’s bring the shoulder blades down the back broaden through the collar bones perhaps the bottom arm would like to come up the top arm will come up and around, if you can touch your fingers fantastic, if not go back to hugging yourself long slow smooth in-breath squeezing everything into the middle opening up the collarbones lengthening the back of the neck long slow smooth and complete out-breath release. And come back to Tad Asana ah now we’ll work the opposite side lifting the left foot up and over where would it like to be squeeze the inner thighs together feel all of this energy rising up the spine arms coming out exhaling right arm comes over top of the left. And we hug ourselves feel the warmth of the heart underneath your arms here squeezing the bottom arm comes up. And the top arm would like to come around pressing the palms together pressing the forearms together lifting the elbows broadening the collarbones bring the shoulder blades down the back moving the palms forward moving all of that energy up the spine into the mind into the brain. And then releasing and coming back to tell Asana now maybe you’d like to take a few more rounds of Eagle while we take a break. And when we come back we’ll be cooling down Healing problems no matter how much yoga you do being relaxed and in the present moment are the keys to sexual performance and enjoyment spend more time in shav Asana or cultivate a meditation practice try a sitting or a walking meditation for 15 minutes welcome back we’ve been working with the libido we’ve moved a lot of energy in the second chakra in our reproductive area as well as our heart center Nina how are you feeling right now oh I’m so energized I’m gonna go home and skip dinner.

And go straight to dessert fantastic. So let’s come into a nice cool down pose happy baby we’ll come on to our back. And we’ll take the feet you can take the toes you can take the outside of the feet you can also take the ankles or down closer to the knees. And then just using the breath take the femurs down into the hip sockets a little bit more this pose again is going to be working a little bit more into the second chakra the energy center of our reproductive and procreative energy. And you can begin to rock back and forth. So you’re giving your spine a wonderful massage let the out-breath be complete feel the belly come to the front spine maybe pause there for just a moment and feel that wonderful sense of peace and relaxation there at the end of the out-breath then when the in-breath comes in find out where the breath is moving feel the breath is so nourishing when we make it wait at the front door that way maybe you’d like to press your feet into your hands. And your hands into your feet giving a little bit more isometric action and feeling that energy in the legs in the low belly now you might want to take your sit bones down and give your low back a little bit of an arch you could be taking the inside of the feet you could be bringing the soles of your feet together as well. And then we can release the legs down we’ll be coming into shav Asana now. And we can support the knees with a bolster underneath letting the feet come long one of the time. And then just letting the low back have that rest letting go of the legs take the upper arms and rotate them externally let the palms face the sky what might also be very nice is to elevate the knees with two bolsters or a wider yeah that sounds good. And then of course it might be really nice to support the head. And the neck there we go and. So you can relax your skull back shoulder blades coming down the back opening up through the heart space now we’ll let ourself surrender taking a couple of long slow smooth and complete in and out breaths and letting yourself ground feeling the parts of yourself that are really heavy the hips the shoulders the back of the head we take a long slow smooth in-breath into the low belly the second chakra think about that color orange the color of creativity then exhale tension and holding.

And then another in-breath will come to the fourth chakra the heart chakra breathing in light and spaciousness visualizing the color of green spring green color of life new growth love exhaling completely allowing the arms to rest the fingers unfurling like the petals of a lotus please continue to enjoy shav Asana for the next 10 or 15 minutes it will see you again next time on healing yoga namaste you.

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