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Yoga for kindergarten for I am not going to go into the details of that procedure, except to say this As a result of what has been done, as a result of the action which will come into being as a result of signing this bill, the Congress is totally committed to provide the funds that are necessary, whatever is necessary, for the conquest of cancer. The President is totally committed we have a Presidential panel headed by Benno Schmidt, which will report directly to the President so that the President’s influence, whenever necessary, can be used to reach this great goal. And, in addition to that, all of the agencies of government, the National Institutes of Health, HEW, et cetera, are totally committed. Now, having said that, I have spoken exclusively of government up to this point. In this room are scores of people who have worked voluntarily for this cause for many, many years. The American Cancer Society, of course, is the best known organization, but there are many others as well. In saying that there will be a Presidential commitment, in saying that there will be a Congressional commitment, a government commitment, I should emphasize that a total national commitment means more than government. Yoga for kindergarten photos, Yoga for kindergarten 2016.

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