Yoga for Insomnia

Namaskar I am david at and welcome to anand yoga yoga for insomnia insomnia is a state wherein a person finds it difficult to go into a sleep or to stay into a sleep it is caused by various reasons might be. Because of stress anxiety it might be. Because of terminal problems or it might be. Because of problems that you already have like a stomach or high BP the awesome that I am showing you will help you to cure all these causes and thereby cure insomnia but, if you are having specific problem like a stoma and high BP and that’s why the problem of insomnia can also check out the arsons from a stoma and high BP or whatever problem you are having so how the general Raydon prana this planner has been modified to make it simple there is no pandas.

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And come back involved in this prahlad this problem will help you to bring down your body temperature cool down your body temperature and to get the sleep it’s important that your body temperature drops down to this practice can be done just before going to sleep do this practice sitting comfortable cross leg position in the left hand you have the gang mudra and keep it on the left knee the right hand you have the Holy mudra then with the right thump you close the right nostril in this plan. And the inhalation is always through left nostril so close the eyes and start inhaling through left nostril it will be very slow. And then close the left nostril upon the ride and exhale for right this is one second each inhalation from the left and each inhalation from the right makes one round after exhaling through right nostril you drop the hand down then up the bar keep them on your eyes and open your eyes after dropping the hands down we should at least in 10 grams of this brown and before going to sleep it shall help you to get the sleep faster.

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