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Hello I’m Debra I was in terrible shape before learning about gentle yoga and one of my biggest problems was getting sick all the time my immune system was shot. Because of stress lack of sleep bad diet good digestion is a key to a strong immune system. And this is why Zoomers can become susceptible to illness our digestive systems are slowing down. And we can develop bacterial imbalances in our intestinal flora this makes it hard to fight off the flu and colds I’ve chosen a restorative yoga practice that will strengthen your immune system. And you don’t have to wait until you’re in tip-top health before trying it out anyone can do it we start with an easy warm-up releasing tension in the belly organs. And then we ramp up the digestive fires and wring out toxins freeing up our metabolisms to function properly after that we cool down and bring fresh breath to this area the poses are really easy. And you might even wonder, if they’re doing anything. But believe me doing the whole series or, if you’re busy just doing one or two can totally change your health let’s start the healing I’d like to introduce you to my fellow Yogi’s and and Pauline and both of them are looking forward to boosting their immune system we’re to begin by coming down into a position where we’re lying on her back this is a warm-up where we’re going to be relaxing everything in the belly.

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So we come down the knees are bent the feet are about hip-width apart maybe a little bit wider heels out toes in arms are resting at your sides leaving a little bit of room behind or beside the ribs. So that they can open out and up on the in breath without any obstruction next time an out breath comes along we’ll let the knees come over to the right. And the head will come over to the left and an in-breath comes everything comes back up to Center then that out-breath comes knees go to the opposite side. And the head moves in the opposite direction. And then the in-breath takes us back to Center. And we continue slowing down the breaths slowing down the movements allowing the back all of the muscles of the back to relax and let go there are muscles on the sides of the spine and they’re letting go there are muscles on the front of the spine and they’re also beginning to let go we let the out breast be complete. And we feel the belly fall towards the front spine maybe pausing for just a moment or two. And then we’re going to become a little bit more active in this post we’re gonna go to the inner left foot and press down we’re gonna energize the whole left leg energize the left glute and press the left hip up away from the floor at the same time that we’re pressing down into the shoulder blades we take three long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths moving the hip away from the bottom of the ribs lengthening those muscles that start on the front of the low back where the ribs are and moving down into the pelvic Bowl coming out onto the front of the thigh. And the connective tissue carries on all the way down to the knee at the end of the third breast cycle we come back to Center head comes back to Center we just rock back and forth a few times notice the difference between the right. And the left sides maybe there’s a sense of more openness on that left side we just worked now we’re going to drop the knees over to the left. And then we take the hands to back of the head we lengthen the back of the neck.

And we begin to turn the head in the opposite direction of the knees placing the head down very softly. And just letting the arms come out to a comfortable place then we just surrender how gravity to do what it does notice what parts of yourself are resisting this is the most powerful force known it’s worked for four billion years five billion years however long it’s been around and there are all these bits of us that are resisting and holding on see, if you can bring the breath in there breathing in light and spaciousness. And then exhaling tension exhaling holding dropping it down into the ground and see, if there’s a release that happens most of our immune function resides in the guts. So these gentle movements are starting to relax all of the tissues all of the lymphatic tissue all of the muscles all of the organs here at the endocrine system and we’re starting to let go creating space please continue to enjoy this pose. And when we come back we’re going to be working with the nasal cavity and preventing colds healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems hi my name is Anne and I’ve had probably some experiences with compromised immune issues for the past few years. And it presented itself mostly with fatigue a heavy fatigue and that impacted my life in the sense that I couldn’t do the things I always enjoyed my sense of balance was off which really was very worrisome. And we weren’t sure what that was and. So that was the thing that brought me to yoga to try to address some of my concerns that I had around my health and to get feeling more fit and and to feel a better sense of balance in my life welcome back we’ve been working with the immune system in this practice one way that’s very effective to prevent colds is to irrigate the nasal passages there are a lot of pathogens that find their way up into the nasal passages the sinus cavity is enormous and there are all kinds of little folds in there and sometimes.

Because we’re in environments that are very dry some small cracks can be created inside the sinuses. So we just take some salt water. And we without swallowing spitting it out. And then taking a Kleenex releasing all of that water that we’ve just brought in. And it may not be very apparent that a lot of stuff is coming out right now. But just wait for another 10 minutes and you’ll probably need some more Kleenex. And then we wrap up by just putting a little bit of oil this is a special nasal oil that you can buy at a health food store. But olive oil or sesame oil any kind of oil will work as long as you enjoy the smell we just dip that into the nostrils to moisten things up and that is an instant cold preventer now we’re gonna get into a special breathing practice that’s going to help us with our immune system even more it’s called kapalabhati. And we sit up on our bolster and we’re gonna need some Kleenex Polly and these are fast out snorts so let me demonstrate first watch the belly. So we’re getting deep into the abdominal area we’re moving the belly back removing the front of the belly back towards the front spine that is creating this wonderful rush of air out of the lungs out of the nostrils. So these out snorts. But one a second or one every half second all right fill yourself grounding sitting on your sit bones lifting the spine opening the heart.

And then take your Kleenex bring it up close to your nostrils take a nice long slow smooth in-breath a nice long slow smooth out breath. And then another in-breath comes along. And then and then in-breath. And then release. And when you can do two or three or four rounds of that. And just start to feel that wonderful sense of things moving in the sinuses now this is called the skull shining breath so after you do several practices you are gonna really feel completely clear you’re gonna feel very open in the mind you’re gonna feel very sharp and very bright then we can come into a very nice calming breath that is gonna be wonderful on the nervous system it’s called Uchee the victorious breath and we’re basically taking the back of the throat and we’re making a little bit of a constriction. So It’s sort of the same idea as you would be fogging up a mirror in the bathroom except that the mouth is closed. And this happening this is happening through the nostrils. And you’re not just exhaling with this constriction you’re also inhaling with this constriction the lips are touching the tongue is resting down at the bottom of the palate and there’s a place at the back of the throat and there’s just a very slight constriction there a very soft sound the UJ is a wonderful breath to use to protect and boost the immune system it’s a bit of a heating breath. And this is creating a less friendly environment for those pathogens to make a home we’re also amplifying and concentrating prana lifeforce and vitality when we use that very slight constriction at the back of the throat. So all the cells of the body are ingesting more lifeforce and more vitality which results in a wonderful boost of the immune system please continue to enjoy these you Jai breaths. And we’ll be back in a few moments to keep boosting our immune system with our gentle breezes Healing problems. So I’ve been just passed my one-year anniversary with the yoga studio and I go three times a week.

And it’s it’s been marvelous it’s put a spring back in my step and I’ve lost a lot of weight I’ve really found my balance again. And the instructors there have been wonderful and and. So I felt that I have reclaimed some of my let’s say my youthful joy how was that welcome back today’s practice is focused on the immune system now we’re going to get deeper into the belly organs. So let’s come down into up on Asana on the back knees bent. And then we’ll take an in-breath and let the arms come up and over and exhale knee comes in. And we hold on to the knee inhaling maybe the leg comes along, if that feels good. And then we exhale the opposite knee comes in holding for just a moment. And then an inhalation comes stretching out now let’s come back and forth using the breath as the catalyst for movement here we’re getting deep into the belly organs moving things in the lower intestine in the large intestine this is where we have a lot of bacteria good bacteria that is helping us stay healthy helping us fight off infection and what can happen over the course of time especially for Zoomers you know we’re working with doctors who are prescribing antibiotics to help us get over our illnesses. And then that may have an effect of creating an imbalance in our large intestine. So these movements are starting to get the peristaltic action happening so things are starting to move in the intestines and we’re also revving up the fires of the third chakra that digestive fires in the belly over time we can also be eating foods that are high in sugar and lots of processed ingredients and that can have an effect of clogging up the large intestine so apan Asana is a wonderful way to get things moving and clear things out in addition to the fact that we’re getting a wonderful stretch of some of our hip muscles some of our back muscles antastic all right let’s bend the knees. And we’ll roll over take a rest here.

And then we’ll take the top arm hand we’ll press it down come up on the opposite elbow and forearm we’ll use their upper body strength to come up now we’re going to be moving into a supine twist I’m gonna work with an and and you’ve been working with a compromised immune system for a while and what do you enjoy about this supine twist I think it it just is it’s such a stretch that it really feels that I’m really stretching all my lung capacity and my sides and I enjoy that I really feel a stick. And it when it’s finished you feel oh like it’s a singer now we begin by taking the hands on either side of the bolster and at home you can just take a blanket and fold up the blanket you can roll up the blanket we take a long slow smooth in-breath and lengthen the front of the spine and that a long slow smooth out breath we come down rotating in now the legs can be wider apart they can be closer together the arms can be resting may be further away from the ribs. And then we take a couple of long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breasts and find out how we feel in this twist maybe you’d like to take the bottom hip and move it back away from the short edge of the bolster or the blankets or the towel or whatever you’re using for support and that will give the low back a little bit more space by giving the low back a little bit more space we’re also giving the belly a little bit more space as well. So the effect here is that were wringing everything out the belly organs are being wrung out the diaphragm is being wrung out. So we’re getting a lot of stress and tension out stress is a huge factor in immune problems. And this kind of a pose is wonderful to help relax and calm the mind calm the heart and calm the breath so of course we’ll want to work the opposite side as well to wring the dishcloth out wring it out one way. And then we wring it out the other way. But right now we’re gonna move into another pose salabh Asana the locust pose. So you can take your hands press them down into the ground press your way up using your upper body strength unravel feel this wonderful sense of all this fresh blood and fresh prada fresh oxygen penetrating all of your belly organs alkalizing your whole system just take a couple of moments here enjoying this. And then we’ll remove the bolster we’ll come down onto the belly and there are a couple of things going on here this is the locust pose we’re gonna take the upper leg bones. And we’ll rotate them inwardly. So the knees are pointing in towards the middle of the mat. And the toes are pointing in towards the middle of the mat and we’re creating a little bit more space in the SI joints here now we’re gonna take the arms. And we’ll just bring them down to the sides the palms are facing inside on the outer part of the thigh then we go to the pubic bone. And the hip points. And we press down we’re grounding here we go to the top of the hamstrings where they attached onto the sit bones. And we press down.

And then we energize the whole back line of the body and on the next in-breath we rise up on the top part of the body rise up on the bottom part of the potty taking the upper arm bones back opening the heart long slow smooth in breasts long slow smooth and complete out breasts maybe lengthening the back of the neck maybe taking your chin down a little bit pointing your chin down towards your jugular notch yes and lengthening the back of the neck beautiful long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths. And then we release. And we come down the arms come up. And we rest the forehead on the arms arrest the forehead on the forearms the back line of the body is also holding on to an enormous amount of tension and Chalobah sana can help to remove that tension please continue to enjoy this restful pose with your forehead resting on your forearms. And we’ll be back in a few moments for our cooldown healing yoga yoga for real people with real problems oil of oregano is a natural way to radically boost the immune system and aid in digestion consistent sleep of eight to nine hours every night is also very helpful welcome back we’ve been working with the immune system today we’ve cleaned out our sinuses we have been moving out toxins from the large intestine we’ve been compressing the belly wringing the belly out and bringing fresh prana and fresh oxygen into our system making it a little bit more of an alkaline environment less friendly territory for pathogens. And now we’re gonna be moving into soup to baddha kon Asana for our cooldown reclining goddess pose. So I’m gonna help Pauline get into the pose here we’ve got a bolster or a rolled up blanket that’s gonna be supporting the spine and maybe we’ll just get you to scoot your hips over here Pauline and I’ll take this up we like to have the low back support it that’s really important you can use rolled-up blankets or towels. But as long as your low back is supportive that’s the important part, if you want to take your hands to your sides and support your body weight with your arms pressing your arms down yeah. And then coming back letting the head rest the back of the neck the back of the head resting. And the shoulders are just resting off below that we bend the knees one at a time and we’ve got these other rolled up blankets that are gonna be supporting the knees and Pauline maybe you’d like to bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees come apart so we’ve got this wonderful situation where the spine is being supported. And the heart is open we’ve got the legs relaxed the pelvis is resting very gently on the floor and we’re starting to create this wonderful sense of relaxation we take a long slow smooth in-breath and fill up the lung is moving the side ribs out and up. And then a long slow smooth and complete out-breath grounding look at those places where you feel heavy the hips the shoulders the back of the neck just imagine yourself getting wider and flatter with every breath cycle relaxing is one of the most important and transformative practices you can give yourself to create better immune function this is a wonderful way to bring a sense of freshness and aliveness into the immune system please continue to enjoy this pose or you can just roll over remove all of the supports out from underneath your back. And you can just lay down in shav Asana tranquility pose. And enjoy this for maybe ten or fifteen more minutes thank you so much for joining us.

And we’ll see you again on healing yoga I’m Debra divine you.

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