Yoga for HIVAIDS Rebuild Your Immune System Easy Yoga Therapy

You before start your practice take four wooden blocks one bolster two folded mat or blanket and one chair now place two blocks against the wall shoulder width apart and two others block on its long side away from the wall now place your palm on the two block against the wall while inhale press your palms down and lift your knees and I exhale press your shoulder and straight your legs rest your forehead on the block make your elbow and leg straight each day save your breath here engage your lower abdominal inside and be relaxed come back and relax now be ready for extending forward bending posture place four or more blocks on the floor separate your legs to a hips distance apart keep your feet parallel to each other inhale bend your back while exhale bend forward now hold your ankles with hands and place the crown of the head on the blocks keeping ease your spine and lower abdominal inside stay as comfort as possible here while inhale come back now from the same position separate your legs three to four feet apart to support your head use block according to your needs exhale and bend forward place the crown of your head on the block lift your thigh.

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And engage your lower abdominal inside while inhale come back bring your feet together and place your block side of the mat now be ready for L saved hence ten coming to downward facing dog position replacing your heels against the wall now place your palms near to all lift your hips as high as possible and blends feet on the wall at hip height and try to straight your legs keep your elbow straight engage your lower abdominal stay as comfort as possible now bend your knees. And come back to child position and be relaxed here now be ready for next posture place two blocks against the wall now lie down on back beat bended knee fit parallel to each other and hip distance apart now inhale place two blocks under your back and put your hand side of the body keep your leg straight and put your heels on the block against the wall stay as much as possible here and do several times abdominal breathing after few times remove blocks from there. And come back now hal Asana pleased to fold it yoga mat or blankets on the floor and one chair in front of the mat now lie back on the mat makes your your shoulder rest on the line of hold it man. And head neck are on the floor now lift the hips and swing the legs over the head to bring the feet to the chair slowly support your back stay as much as comfort for seven here now slowly come back now again lie back on folded mat.

But this time place your head against wall now lift the hips and swing the legs overhead to bring the toes on the wall you stay here three to five minutes or as much as Comfort was ever fix your gaze at toes and keep your breath relax now come back and be ready for the counter pose of soldier stand let’s do block on the flow in horizontal position and another one block parallel to the first in vertical position now lie back on block head should rest on the vertical block keep your legs straight and relaxed take several slow and deep breathing here and try to open your chest relax in drying body come back and relax Nawal support 8 head east end place one folded mat on the floor against the wall from the childhood bring the hinge together. So that arms pawn you tripod on the ground now place the head on the ground with the back of the head against the hands raise hips and walk the feet towards the heel bend the knee and lift your legs and place your feet on the wall keep your feet and knee hip distance apart and parallel to each other stay as much as comfort for several slowly lower down and be relaxed in childhood now suck the baddha kon Asana place a bolster behind you and to London blocks on either side of your hips bend your knees and position a block each named non lie back on bolster relax your entire body while inhale slowly open your entire chest and I said more relaxed dust off sir your brain and be relaxed there now remove all yoga props and be ready for total relaxation in sav Asana cause pose just lie down on back and adjust your whole body make every parts relaxed start observing your entire body and be relaxed you.

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