Yoga For Hand to build the strength

Namaskar I’m David at and welcome to on and over Power Yoga for hands our Yoga is a complete body workout it focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body power yoga for hands will not only strengthen the muscles of your hands.

But also the joints of your hands it will focus on your biceps triceps deltoids. And also the joints of your hands power yoga hands technique 3 you start off with Suey Namaskar position take the hands up and back have a good stretch not only for your back.

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But also for your hands then come to the hip hinge position tabletop and go down. And enjoy the stretch then one leg goes back and look up then you come to the downward facing dog pose adjust your hand position properly take a good grip. Because you’re doing a variation in this when you take one leg straight up and hold it think the increase in the pressure on the heart maintain for about 810 comms. And then you take this leg down we do the leg up in maintain feeling the pressure on the arms. And then down. And come start coming forward and look forward up put this forward it will talk the pinch come up and have a wonderful backward bend also stretch your hands let them go behind. And come out and relax you can immediately feel the difference in your hands the workout that you have done just now the maintaining for five counts and slowly building it up as to your capacity.

Yoga for Healthy Digestive System

Thomas card I am David earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems ot the trikon Asana what theta means extended and 3/4 is a triangle in this Arsen your back gets a wonderful stretch side less stretch at the same time it is very effective on the abdominal organs to go in OT the colliculus and spread your legs wide or three and a half to four feet then down the left feet on the left side move the right feet slightly inside spread your hands at shoulder level now pull both the knees inside take a deep breath in and exhaling stretch out and go down and try to bring the arm behind the left feet the right hand is straight in line with the left hand turn your face up and look at the right thumb keep breathing see that your back. And your legs are in one line from behind keep the legs tight keep pulling the knees back. And when you want to come out without moving the knees the legs slowly raise the upper body up. And come back to the starting position take the doors inside and relax.
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