Yoga for hamstrings

Hold breath with shoulders raised for a count of 5

Now slowly and quietly exhale deeply, relaxing shoulders and chest as you exhale and contracting abdomen as in Fig.9 When exhalation is completed, repeat


1. exhale deeply, contract abdomen

2. inhale slowly, distend abdomen

3. continue inhalation, expand chest

4. continire inhalation, raise shoulders

5. retain breath for count of 5

6. exhale deeply, relax shoulders and chest, contract abdomen. Repeat

The importance of this breathing exercise cannot be overstated. It has an effect on your entire Yoga study. Be patient and practice’ carefully. Inhale very slowly so that you have sufficient time to perform the necessary body movements. Practice to make the body movements flow into one another very smoothly.

Perform 10 times pausing between repetitions whenever necessary. If legs become tired in cross-legged posture extend them straight outward and massage knees. Then reverse position of legs and continue the exercise.

With just a few days of practice this invaluable breathing technique will become second nature to you.

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