Yoga For Getting Size Zero Utthita Parsvakon Asana

I’m Oscar I am David odde welcome to a new yoga general yoga level 2 once you have done with general yoga level 1 and, if you are started feeling that these arsons are getting quite easy for you then you can come to general yoga level 2 wherein we learn slightly advanced arson from general yoga level 1 there are twists there are forward bending there are backward bending and there are some good primes once you do level 2 you get prepared for level 3 and 4 put theta pass so corners on to go in this arson spread your legs spread your feet around three and a half to four feet distance spread your hands at the shoulder level turn the left feet out right feet slightly inside now you bend the left leg in such a way that the hamstring.

Yoga For Getting Size Zero Utthita Parsvakon Asana Photo Gallery

And the calf forms a nearly 90 degree now take a deep breath in exhaling stretch yourself out. And then go down and place the palm behind the left feet and take the right hand up closer to the right here and turn the face up and maintain this Osun is stretching one leg with a straight and helping you to strengthen the other leg which is been a wonderful stretch for the side expansion of your lungs improving the breathing capacity this arson has a great impact on your digestive system which helps you to improve the digestion as well as the elimination keep breathing normal then when you feel like coming out turn the face again in Center. And then slowly without disturbing the leg positions start coming up then straighten the left leg bring the feet inside drop the hands down and bring the legs closer to each other. And just feel the effect of this practice. And enjoy the effect take proper rest wait for some time. And then do it on the other side also.

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