Yoga for Flexibility Triangle Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today we’re going to learn how to do triangle posts triangle pose is again compost you’ve mined and most vinyasa sequences and two brilliant prose and stretch down your hamstrings so to get into triangle pose we’re going to expense it in and worried too and reverse Orion I’m going to take a nice big step so right foot forwards left them back behind. But this time we’re not going to bend the front knee we’re going to keep the front legs straight go on your back foot in at 45 degrees. And your front heel to be in line with the arch of your back foot. And you’re going to take your arms out wide the same as we didn’t want to go draw in through the belly. And then tilt your hip points backwards as you start to hinge at the waist taking your right hands down towards your right shin perhaps it just comes on to the knee a little bit further down wherever is comfortable to you.

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And then reach the left hand up towards the sky the important thing here is to try and make sure that you put a nice straight line the bottom hands through your bottom shoulder top shoulder and to your top fans the ribcage should be directly over your right side so what you probably see this kind of close so back to this you’re going to tuck the tailbone under he’ll back the leg hip peel back the choco to the ribcage I really spin the heart up towards the sky. And then pull that top shoulder back as you look up towards the ceiling you can have slick down to your bottom hand make sure that your hand is in line with your shoulder. And the rib cage is over the top of the thigh. And then look up which gives you my hand has fallen back a little bit you try to be that nice straight line.

And you’re then going to look towards your top hand breathe here for three to five breaths, if this does hurt your neck you can either look straight in front of you look down to put your big club come on it in this position it’s always good to feel that top hip feeling back. And the bottom hip tucking under you slightly again the heart spins up in the rib cage just absorbs in slightly. So you don’t end up puffed out like this the crown of the head reaches forward towards the front of the room to keep the spine nice and long. And the white between the feet is nice and even when you’ve done your three to five breaths then you look back down to your big toe I’m gonna inhale. And come all the way back up that’s how you finish your triangle pose so triangle pose is commonly put into a sequence usually following warrior two perhaps or it could be anywhere through being a sequence. So I’m now going to show you a sequence and how you could work triangle pose into it you’re doing on your own at-home birthing include after their Mountain Pose belly draws in hit points tilt up shoulders roll back down hands up to the sky exhales you fold forwards draw in through the belly hinge at the hips. And the hands all the way down towards the mat and inhale look like lengthen exhale step or jump your feet back high plank position and two ways either drop the knees or coming down through chaturanga up dog or low culture. And then all the way through to downward-facing dog from here you’re going to inhale your right foot up by side exhale step through between the hands for lunch. And then inhale. And come all the way out open wide into warrior two come to triangle pose you simply straighten your front leg then again till the hips back into the Wiz take the right hand down onto your right shin left hand up towards the sky breathe the air for three to five breaths. And then look down your big toe inhale come all the way back up exhale come back into your warrior two.

And then spin the hands over head down to the mat set the right foot back to downward facing dog lift up on the tippy toes roll all the way through the science high plank chaturanga up dog and down dog. So you do the same thing on the left side for inhaling left foot high to the sky exhales that the lift that fall between the hand inhale come all the way up open why tomorrow you two. And then straightening through your front leg again press the hips back into the way to take the left hand down on till election this time right hand up high to the sky check your alignment creating here for three to five. And then look down towards the big toe inhale come all the way back up exhale bend the front knee or go to. And then spin the handle over the head let the left foot back to downward facing dog throw forward to high plank chaturanga up dog and down dog breathing here again 45 three two and one that’s your hands. And your knees step or jump your feet up behind your hands inhale lengthen exhale you fold inhale sweep the arms flags come all the way back up exhale you thank you so much for reading today and learning how to do triangle pose and thanks for those of you who have already left comments below you would like to comment you can do so below or, if you’d like to subscribe you can do so above thank you so much for reading hope see you again soon bye bye.

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