Yoga for Flexibility Eight Angle Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m going to teach you how to do a tangle pose and a few poses leading up to this a tangle poses and arm balance. And it requires a lot of upper-body strength. And also very open hips so before attempting this pose it is good to have done at least some 10 Sun Salutations a or B up to you. And also a good few hip opening stretches which you’ll see in my other posts. But before we do do it we’re just going to open the hips up a little bit more so what we’re going to do is take the legs out in front of us. And then we’re going to bend our right knee and take our right leg.

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So that we’re putting the right foot into the crook of the left elbow don’t worry, if it doesn’t come here it can be anywhere down the arm it’s absolutely fine we’ll just be easier to balance here, if you can pop it into the rock of the elbow. And you’re going to wrap your right arm around and, if you can interlace the hands now we’re just going to start to rock the leg backwards and forwards try not to round through the back sitting up nice and tall. And you should feel a nice stretch through the outside of the right hip, if you don’t feel a stretch then you can bring the leg up a little bit further. So the shin becomes parallel with the floor and hug it into your chest and rock again backwards and forwards, if it’s too much just drop the knee down a little bit again continue to rock. So once you’ve done this for five to ten breaths we’re then going to place the foot back down on the floor we’re going to start to work for right knee up onto the right shoulder so to do this I find the easiest ways to grab the bottom of the right foot with the left hand take your right shoulder underneath hold the right ankle I just start to press the right knee back. And then lift it up onto the shoulder okay don’t worry, if it doesn’t come up over your shoulder this requires some practice. So It going to be down here somewhere maybe a little bit further down as long as you’re over the elbow you’re going to be absolutely fine so get it up as high as you can then hold the right foot in place with the left hand. And then squeeze the right knee onto your right shoulder. And you’re going to place your right hand down onto the mat by your right hip you want the fingers spread nice and wide and even that new squeezed place your left hand down now for some of you may find it’s quite difficult to reach the floor here in which case it’s good to grab your yoga blocks or a couple of big books prop them either side of your hips get back into this position again. And then pop your hands down on top of your books from here you’re then going to really engage your core and flex this foot. So that you press through the heel. But only way we’re going to lift up is by this leg being super super turned on. And the core being really turned on so start to press into the hands flex the left foot engage the left leg.

And then start to lift up off of the floor. And you can come here for balance again hoping for five to ten breaths don’t worry, if you’re just lifting a little bit like this just keep going with it try the five to ten breaths, if the knees a little bit further down it’s going to make it harder. But it’s still possible just wrap that right knee around the arm then coming down we’ll do the same thing on the other side so bending the left knee again pop the left foot into the cuff of the right elbow this time interlace the fingers sit up nice and tall give the leg a little rock backwards and forwards just lubricating that leg tipped right you’d hopefully be nice and warm though now after having done your son sanitation’s or hip opening sequence. And then when you’ve done your 10 breaths facing the foot back down again we’re going to start to wake up onto the left shoulder this time so taking the bottom of the left foot take hold with the left hand and start to work it up as high as you can. And then placing your hands down onto your blocks again squeeze the knee engage through that right foot and slowly starting to lift yourself up breathing here again for 5 to 10 breaths get more of the L, if the nice lips you can still hold. And then slowly coming back down and take the left leg out give the legs a little shake ok. So you might just be working here today and don’t worry, if that’s the case this is an advanced pose. And it does take some time to cultivate however, if you’d like to move towards the full pose we can start to do that as well so to move towards the full pose I’m going to show you on the right hand side first you’ll bend the right knee right leg comes up onto the right shoulder take your hands down onto your blocks then you can cross your left ankle on top of your right and flex both feet. So that they lock in place. And your feet don’t slide off with one another step one you’re just going to press through the hands engage your belly try to lift up in this position here, if you get this far you’re going to start to tilt your chest forwards keep engaging start to straighten your legs as you lift up through the hips. And then bend the elbows like you’re doing chaturanga to come here into your 8 angle pose do five to 10 breaths.

And then making your way back to seat it. So you can also do this without the blocks, if you feel that you don’t need them you can do the same thing on the left side. So I’ll just show you on the left side as well without the blocks this time so working the leg up. And come down engage through the belly flex the feet. And then starting to come out towards the side as you squeeze the thighs looking forwards when you’ve done 5 to 10 breaths coming back to Center again give the ladle shape thanks so much for reading today the tip opening sequence and learning eight angle pose I hope you enjoyed it, if you would like to comment you can do so below or, if you’d like to subscribe please do above thanks for reading bye bye.

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